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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new toy!

AT&T's air card hit my last nerve this morning, and in a fit of pique I called and cancelled the service as of today. Then I drove to the Verizon store nearby and bought a MiFi device. The salesman loaded the software and got everything set up for me, and I didn't have much trouble when I got home - just figuring how to turn the darn thing on. I hope it becomes more intuitive as I go along. At first I couldn't connect, so I used the USB connection to my computer and everything works now. But I don't want to have to connect to the computer as that takes up one of my two USB ports, so it looks like I will be buying another hub in the future. Right now I have the mouse and MiFi plugged in, but I might want to add the printer at some point. Why is nothing easy any more?

I logged into my bank account online as I usually do every day, and they have completely changed the screens. What was a beautifully simple process now is much more complex, and you have to go through more steps to see all the info you want whereas it used to be right there on one screen.

Back to the MiFi, I don't think I have ever had smokin'hot wifi that was any faster. This thing is incredibly fast, and so far I haven't gotten a "Connection was reset while loading" message even once! I just wish I had done this switch a few months back and I would have saved myself a lot of grief!

I'd appreciate comments from current MiFi users to the following questions:
1) - the service status indicator light that is on the long edge of the card flashes intermittently. Does this indicate that data is actually going back and forth over the wires, or what? Then it will stop for a while, begin flashing for a while, and stop again. I want to put this device somewhere that I can't see all the flashing going on.
2) - It also came with what I assume is a charging device. Must I charge up the unit prior to being able to use it while not connected via the USB?
3) - anything else you can tell me about this speed demon? I think I'm going to love it when I get to know it better - heck, I already love it.

I may be back to post later on today if something memorable happens. I also want to mention that it will take me a while to catch up on blog reading and leaving comments. The service I was getting from the air card was so sporadic and unpredictable I sometimes could barely read my email without going out and sitting on the patio.


  1. I love your new header! I don't know anything about mifi, but do know you can get a hub to increase your number of USB ports. Enjoy your toy! :)

  2. I am happy for you that you now have a speedy internet connection. I suppose you really need a Hub so go for it!! I love getting new techno toys. Already I am looking forward to a new computer although that will be awhile because mine is only a little over 2 years old. I have Vista but pretty soon I will go over to Windows 7. Lately I am not too keen on Vista.

  3. Congrats on getting your new Verizon MiFi. The speed difference you're experiencing is the fact that your are getting a strong, consistent signal with Verizon. The MiFi and the USB760 aircard use the exact some modem so there would be no difference in speed between them.

    Most likely, your MiFi wouldn't work because the battery was dead. It will charge while plugged into your USB port or by using the charger that came with it.

    As for the flashing lights, they all have meanings. There are two indicator lights on the mifi 2200: the button light (which is how you turn the device on and off) and the status light on the edge, adjacent to the micro-USB connector.

    Somewhere in your manual, or documentation, it will tell you what the different lights mean - there are red, blue, green and amber. And they can flash slow, solid or blinking all with different meanings.

    Intermittent blinking green is good as that means you are receiving/transmitting data. Solid green on the other light means you are powered on and fully charged.

    So, just remember, Green is good!!

  4. You are truly forging ahead at warp speed in this new techno era. And doesn't it just bug ya you didn't do it sooner when you make a move like that & it works so well. I know the feeling. We will probably be heading down that Mifi road shortly once we get ourselves back on the road. What a great feeling it is for not only you, but your readers as well, to see things nicely coming together for you:))

  5. Love the new photo on your header!

    Congrats on the mifi, I'm glad that it's doing what you want it to do and it's fast!

  6. This sounds more like the Gypsy I'm used to reading. Taking charge is good for you. This mifi sounds really good. I hope it continues to do what you want it to.

  7. Beautiful new header photo. The only thing missing is YOU!, and I hope that will be corrected in short order when you see fit to go camping again. Enjoy!

  8. Great picture!
    We seldom have trouble with the MIFI, it's been a real treasure. The flicking green light on the side means it's working. You want both lights to be green. If it's solid green on the side, just turn it off and on again, takes 15 seconds to stablize. You'll love it!!!!

  9. Love the new pic of the Lassen area. We have to get there some day.

    I'm glad to read you have settled in on the MiFi system and it will give you better service. Isn't that all any of us really want...somthing that will work when we want it to?

  10. Great picture on your header. You sound so much happier.

  11. hmmm I wonder if that device would solve my problem of being stuck on dial up--wonder if is it cheaper than satellite, my only other choice?

  12. We are extrremely happy with our Mifi! On the two laptops, it operates plugged into a wall plug, and serves both computeres at the same time.. In fact, it's supposed to suppport up to five computers at once -- but we only have three. On the desktop unit, we have to plug it into a USB port, as the desktop is not set up to receive wifi. In either case, the unit is being charged while it's connected.