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Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's wonderful to be back in Swannanoa

The day started off great. I met Paul & Mary (aka Boris & Natasha) at their campground about 2 miles down the road, and then we drove the few miles over to Black Mountain and breakfast at the local Huddle House. B&N each got the southern special, which looked like a lot of food to me, and I got my old favorite of grits, biscuits and gravy. Delicious! After leisurely breakfast and chat, we left and drove by my old house on the way back. It looks the same and I'm glad, as I was worried they might have cut down a lot of trees or the stand of rhododendrons. I really miss that house, but seeing all the leaves that need to be raked, and knowing that I could never get around to doing everything that needs doing, I know I did the right thing when I sold it. I miss the space I had though, especially the kitchen.

I drove over to get reacquainted with my things in storage and brought some things back. I realized I need one of my kids very badly. Any one of them will do. One thing they inherited from their dad is his incredible ability to organize and pack things - whether the fridge & freezer, a closet, a U-Haul truck or a storage compartment - he couldn't be beat. All four kids have the same talent and I need it NOW! I have always been able to pack things in an orderly and organized fashion, but now I've gotten lazy at it and I know it. I took things from this box and that, and if one of my kids was around to help me repack everything we could get it into a storage unit 1/4 the size of the one I'm paying for.

I brought back a lot of towels I couldn't find last year when I was moving things into my 5ver, as well as some clothing and kitchen items. I brought a couple of wine glasses and plan to get a couple more next visit - when I have someone to drink wine with we have to use champagne glasses.

Save your Confederate money boys - the South is gonna rise again. On the way back I heard a train whistle on the tracks parallel with the road. Lo and behold the train came in sight and it was AMTRAK cars! Lots of them. It has been years since Amtrak stopped coming to Asheville and I am delighted to see them, and just hope there is regular service, even if it isn't on a daily basis.

This is going to be a very good 3 weeks for me.


  1. Oh I wish I was there!! That's what I get paid for on my job is to organize and with you telling me what goes where, we'd have it done in no time. Maybe, just maybe if I could quit work and come up for 2-3 days. ummmmm

  2. Did you find your bathroom scale. I think i would be lost with out mine.