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Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, a memorable day for me

My beautiful daughter, Jeannie, was born on Nov. 9. She was and has always been a wonderful daughter, even though she and I both agree it isn't easy raising a Scorpio child, especially when I'm a Scorpio myself). She has grown to become an intelligent and self-confident woman, loving, thoughtful, and the list goes on. One of the best things is that she is such a great mother herself, and her daughters are very lucky to have her for a mom.

November 9 is also the birthday of my aunt Rachel (who is also my godmother), as well as my brother-in-law, Mitsuo.

I wore myself out before Noon today, trying to make some order of my kitchen cabinets. So far I've only done two of them. I miss my big kitchen with loads of cabinets, where my spices could be neatly organized on turntables, in alphabetical order. That is one of the few compulsions I have, but it's been overcome by living with an RV kitchen. At least they are in a little better order now. I am still discovering dust and grime from being at Lassen this past summer. Will I ever get it all?

To reward myself I went back to Ingles supermarket and bought two more slices of pie - cherry, and peach praline - since I still have ice cream left.

If you can stand one more item about grits, I ran across a cookbook while in my cleaning frenzy, simply entitled "Corn". I love the recipe for cornmeal cheese souffle, for which you can use cornmeal or grits. I am not a fancy cook. I have never made a souffle before this one, and I doubt I'll every try a different one. But this works and is so good I thought I would pass it along in the event anyone is interested. If so, you can drop me an email at gypsy97@gmail.com, or simply reply on the comment form. If enough folks would like it I will probably add it as a special post to my blog, appropriately titled so that folks who don't like grits can avoid it altogether.

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