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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good to go for another 10 years! (2nd post Nov.24)

My passport arrived today. I will have to say it is the ugliest passport I've ever seen. Whereas they used to be fairly attractive and looked official, this one is a piece of junk as far as I'm concerned. All the pages have a lot of drawings and words printed so lightly as to be mushy looking, and the official page with the picture looks so washed out as to look fake. Oh well, I probably won't have much cause to use it so I might as well not complain. This is only my opinion and your take on it might be totally different, although I don't see how anyone could say it looks great.

I went from the post office, hungry since I hadn't yet eaten lunch, over to Ingle's supermarket. You know what that means! I bought tons of delectable snacking items but forgot pie. Guess I'll have to make brownies to go with all the ice cream in the freezer.


  1. Sorry about the look of the passport. They're getting bad about changing printer cartridges to save money so a lot of stuff has that washed out look. Maybe that's the reason, not that it helps.

  2. Now, how is it possible for a human being to forget pie!!

  3. Ahh...no problem.
    Pie will only go with a few things like ice cream and whipped cream.
    ....on the other hand, ice cream will go with everything...cookie crumbs, nuts, whipped cream, pudding, fruit, including raw oat meal. :) I love ice cream, can you tell?