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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The gypsy is in Swannanoa, NC!

I left PA at 8:00 am and it was only 12:15 by the time I arrived at my planned stop. I didn't want to stop that early - I wouldn't have anything to do so I would probably put the steps down, slides out, drink a beer, and then waste the whole afternoon on the computer. So I just wanted to drive a little further down the road, maybe an hour or two. A fine misty rain began falling when I fueled up a few miles before the VA/NC border and someone told me it was going to continue until morning. I still had to go through Fancy Gap, a stretch of road that is a 6% descent for about 7 miles, and normally there is some fog present as well as strong crosswinds. I hated to take it on after all the miles I had driven, and was really sorry when I hit the dense fog and heavy rain. I made it and just kept rolling along in the rain, which stopped when I got up the mountain from Old Fort on I-40. I was crawling along with the trucks at about 38 mph by the time I hit the top and the brilliant sunshine. It has rained up here in heaven today, but not now.

I drove a little over 8 hours today, and 465 miles! I was feeling great, especially after I got a little ways into Virginia. The foliage is gorgeous, with lots of reds and red-gold leaves. The mountains are beautiful although a bit difficult due to the grades, which don't seem so steep but they go on and on. I'm sure my fuel mileage today was shot to pieces.

I called the campground when I was back in Virginia to tell them I expected to be here late this afternoon or tomorrow, knowing the office would be closed. They told me to just find a space and take care of the registration on Monday morning. When I said I wanted to stay 3 weeks, I was told I should take a spot with concrete slab, which happen to be only back-ins. After driving so many miles today in rain and heavy traffic I am in no condition or mood to try backing into a space, so I am in a nice pull through. The woman in the office said maybe someone can back me in on Monday. I'm going to try to convince her to let me stay where I am, but if they want to hitch up and back into another space, that is ok with me, except I will have to bring in the slides and do all the other things necessary to move.

I should have hot water by now and the shower is calling me! I'm just so glad to be here, and I am remembering how beautiful the eastern part of the country is - from NY through PA and all the way to the Carolinas - it has been lovely and I've been away too long.


  1. Welcome home!!!!!
    We are literally just about two miles down the road from you!!!
    We look forward to catching up this week.
    Meanwhile, rest up!

  2. Won't it feel great to just stay put for 3 weeks and get some much needed rest? Hopefully, your weather will be good and you can get outdoors and enjoy it. Have fun!

  3. Glad to hear you made it so far today and are at rest. Enjoy your weeks there and tell us all about it. Later

  4. Welcome to our state and back home for you. It will be a great 3 weeks. I hope to meet up within the next three weeks.