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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last trip this year to Huddle House

It is a cold and rainy day but I needed to get off the couch after yesterday's bout of laziness. I made a list of things to do, starting with visiting my belongings in storage one last time. I rearranged a box or two so that the stacks were more stable, and picked up my Coleman 2-burner propane stove to take with me. I bought the Coleman back in 2003 when I first moved into my house here in Swannanoa, upon realizing that absolutely everything in the house ran off electricity, including the water pump. I tried to imagine how I could get along with no water, electric or generator, and quickly bought several gallons of water to store for an emergency. I also bought the Coleman stove because I wouldn't want to have to heat water on a charcoal grill first thing, as well as a tiny little jar of instant coffee. I have to have coffee in the morning, and at that time I hadn't even thought about a Melitta coffee maker which worked so well for me at Lassen. I hooked up the canister of propane and test-fired the Coleman one time, but never needed it or used it since, so it is still brand new. Being the organized person I used to be I kept a file folder in which I dropped instruction manuals, user guides and plain old starting-up diagrams for everything I bought. I don't have the file folder any more, or else it is packed away inside one of those boxes at George's Stor-Mor, so I don't have a clue how to hook up and light up this stove. I suppose I can just do it by trial and error, although I'm not enthusiastic about doing anything connected with propane by trial and error. I'm not sure under what circumstances in my RVing life I would ever use the Coleman, but I feel better just having it along with me.

Instead of wandering around looking at things I don't need at Walmart or the Mall, I drove back to Huddle House for a late breakfast. I got my old standby including the delicious and nutritious "G" word food, and as always, got a terrific meal for the money. I will miss that place and the friendly folks who work there, but I am certain to find equally good breakfast fare in the Savannah area.

I am meeting a dear old friend for lunch tomorrow and am really excited about seeing her again. She and I worked together on several projects for the local genealogical society, and had great fun while getting the work done.

Now to try to stay warm for the rest of today. I am on the 2nd tank of propane so I don't want to run the furnace continually. I'll have both tanks filled on Wednesday or Friday which should last me quite a while in coastal Georgia. I also hate to run the electric heater continually, so I'm bundled up in a fleece robe and when my hands and nose get too cold I switch on the heater for a short while. I must remember this if and when it gets hot and humid in Georgia, or next summer if I'm in an extremely hot and arid place.


  1. Still eating those 'G's I see, Gypsy. If I ever get close to there, I'll have to go to that restaurant and may be give them a try!

  2. We tossed most of our instructions too and have needed them. We found them on the internet. Just google for what you need and the instructions SHOULD be there. Sure has helped when we sell something, we just include the instructions with it.

  3. If your gas stove works like ours, just make sure the fittings are finger tight and you should be fine.

  4. Gypsy:

    Hey, I'm trying to pick on you...really. I opened up the discussion about manipulation of photos as a general topic. I have developed 35mm film and while it was fun at first, it became work very shortly thereafter. General manipulation (exposure, contrast, color levels, cropping, etc) are what I call acceptable "cheats" but trying to make a picture what it really isn't (adding a person or object to a picture) is a no-no. No need to post this....just wanted to explain my blog entry.


  5. You are going to fall in love with Savannah. It is absolutely the most beautiful city in the states. So much history. If you love the Johnny Mercer songs, you have to tour the house. If you haven't seen it yet rent the movie " Midnight in the garden of good and evil. It is a riot. In the old section of the city is a candy making store just too yummy to talk about. THere is a bakery too. ANd if you want to stand in line got to have lunch at Paula Dean's resturant. Got to go and check out the vistors center and get a lot of great info on what to see. Great lunch at a little diner one day. Will find the name and let you know. I could spend the rest of my life in that place and not get tired of the view. I only got to spend one day there, but it was worth it. We camped out at Tybee Island and had a great time. Great place out there to buy fresh seafood or to have a great dinner too.

    How I wish I could be there. Great food Great people and beauty everwhere you look.

    I know you will enjoy it.