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Monday, November 30, 2009

At the Fort

I arrived yesterday and found my way into Cockspur Island and Fort Pulaski with a minimum of effort, due mainly to the excellent maps provided to me by Charles (Roz on chat). He was so kind to come and pick me up after I had settled into my temporary spot and take me into Tybee Island to get my bearings there, and to a really nice seafood restaurant and oyster bar right at the sea.

Today I was scheduled to meet with the Vol. Coordinator at 9 am, a farewell party for departing volunteers at 12 Noon, and a volunteer meeting at 2 pm. I just stayed at the Visitors Center and Fort the entire time and by now I am suffering the RVers version of jet lag!

I just came back from visiting the folks who are leaving tomorrow and whose camp site I will probably move into. I like it where I am though, and am ambivalent about moving.

My job will be primarily working at the Visitor Center gift shop as well as the Sutler's gift shop over at the Fort. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful books they carry, to say nothing of all the gifts and other items for sale. Until I officially start work on Thursday, I will probably "shadow" other volunteers and learn various duties so that I can fill in where needed.

There are deer everywhere on the island, and I heard today that there is a baby alligator in the moat. Evidently, the alligators can be found on land, near the river, and just about anywhere in the vicinity of the Fort. I walked back home in the dark after my visit this evening, and kept a sharp eye out for gators! They advise keeping at least 10 feet away from them, and I will do my best to double that distance.


  1. Deer are OK, but ALLIGATORS that close, WOW Glad you are planning to stay away from them :-) If you like your spot, why move again. Have fun with all the books.

  2. Your job sounds like so much fun and a good variety. I'm so glad you're all settled in.

  3. Glad you arrived safely and are getting settled. That is a beautiful area. You should enjoy your time there.

  4. Just watch out for those gator's Gypsy - you sure don't want them snapping at your heels. Sounds like a nice job you've got lined up there.

  5. Sounds great Gypsy. Hope you enjoy your stay there.
    Fun that you got to meet up with Roz. Did you eat the oysters??

  6. It sounds like you'll be having a nice adventure there at the Fort. A nice change of pace from the dust of Lassen, yeah? I think about the workamping thing from time to time, but we haven't done anything about it. Not sure if we want to be tied down for several months....but you never know.

  7. I think it's always exciting the first few days of a volunteer assignment...getting your bearings and learning new things. Enjoy!!