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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three "S's" this morning

I had my prescriptions filled first thing, and how nice it is to be at a real neighborhood pharmacy again! Then I took care of three "S's": Storage--Shopping--Sellphone.

My storage unit is looking good. There is actually room in it to move around in, and I honestly think with 2 or 3 more visits I could get it down to a unit half the size. I am going to try for it. Of course with each visit to storage I bring back more items to find a place for in my 5ver. Downsizing at this point would be really painful. I knew I was sentimental when I kept so many things after selling my house, but I am beginning to see I'm much more sentimental than I realized. You just wouldn't believe the little things I can't bear to part with, so I will just continue to visit them once at year when I swing by Asheville.

Then I went shopping for pants to wear for work in Savannah. I hate relaxed fit, just as I hate pants legs flapping in the breeze as I walk. I found a "not too bad" pair of khakis and also a khaki skirt, which might make a nice change once in a while from wearing pants to work, although it means that I have to retrieve the dreaded pantyhose out of storage as well. I shopped quite a few stores to come up with so little, and it makes me wonder who designs this stuff and how they select the size/fit. Most certainly don't match my size/fit.

I then stopped by an AT&T kiosk and got an upgraded cell phone. I bought the same brand, Samsung, as I loved the old one and this one is nearly like it except for the addition of a camera. I rarely take pictures with my Verizon phone, and in fact, would have to read the User Guide to figure out how to work it. I tried to download my favorite ring tones but had no luck, so asked son Steve to work it out for me. Ara downloaded and installed them for my last phone. I like Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" as my main ringtone; "The Dukes of Hazard Theme" for each of my 3 sons; "Uptown Girl" for my daughter, and "Peace Train" for my granddaughter.

Well I had better get back to familiarizing myself with the features of my phone, and to transfer the contact list over. The salesperson told me since the list is saved to the phone and not the SIM card, I would have to do it manually. According to my son it can be done by AT&T but rather than go back I will just enter them myself.


  1. I concur, Gypsy, about the style and fit question when shopping for women's clothing. I don't want to dress like a 90-year old, nor do I want to look like I'm trying to dress like a kid. What to do....what to do? For me, it just means shopping less often. Of course, you have a particular need for work clothing right now, and that is understandable. Nice choices for the ring tones on the new phone, too. Have a good day.

  2. I can't have songs on my phone as ringtones...the song I love for Tez is Simple Man...every time he would call...I would say I love this song...it's Tez's...and start singing along and not answer!!!...I'm back to a brrrringggg tone!!!

  3. I don't like shopping for anything, but clothes is even worse. As for ringtones, I have Close Encounters, once I hear it ring, I sing it the rest of the day. I hope you get what you need for work.