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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov. 15th and another year!

I would like to thank everyone who sent me wishes for a happy birthday yesterday. Most folks who know me well know that I have always disliked celebrating my birthday and in fact, usually get depressed when it rolls around. Of course I'm glad to be alive, but I don't like thinking about how many years are represented in this gypsy's life - actually the number itself rather than the time I've spent on earth.

There are many advantages to being older and I appreciate them. The downside is the onset of irritating physical difficulties and a degree of short term memory loss. I have been noticing lately how difficult it is sometimes to turn the key in the ignition of my truck. I don't remember having the problem when I drove a jeep, and wonder if it is attributable to Ford, to a 1 ton truck, or just plain old arthritis. I'm starting to wonder if some day I won't be able to start my truck, and at what inconvenient moment that will happen. What will I do then?

Things are looking up for me to be working at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah next summer. I know - summer in Utah will be brutal. But with the elevation I'm hoping at least it will cool off at night. It will probably mean that I will have to leave the air conditioning running for the dog during the day while I'm working.

Speaking of air conditioning, I think I've run it one day when the outside temperature in Orland CA reached the 100F mark. Normally I can get by with the ceiling fan and open windows, but this once I thought maybe I should try the a/c to see if it worked. It did, and in fact cooled the entire rig in just a matter of minutes. But then it wouldn't go off unless I manually turned it off. It didn't matter that I had the thermostat set to 80F, it kept on running and I got so cold I just turned it off. After several times of doing that I gave up and was just happy I have a ceiling fan. I'm not sure what I can do if the temps in the high desert require the use of a/c next summer. It makes me try to remember - what did dogs do in the old days when it got hot. Then I recall they usually dug in the dirt somewhere in a shady spot to try to stay cool.


  1. I understand the age thing. I feel the same way. Once I get to the age of 62 it won't matter anymore, I'll quit having birthdays. Sure missed you in chatroom for your birthday party though.

  2. OHhh won't say H***y B******y then... instead I will say
    "Glad You Are Around Another Year!" How's that ???

  3. Gypsy - Celebrate life and forget the number. But I sure know what you mean about the body not cooperating anymore. I have so much trouble with my hands that I can't even open jars anymore. So I have several tools to help me if the old man isn't around. But we just keep going. Like the energizer bunny.

    Utah will be hot but I think you'll have such a great time you won't care too much. However, the puppies need the air. Being indoors ours don't know how to survive outside anymore.

  4. You will love Dinosaur NM next summer. I hope you will have full hookups and you won't be so isolated as you were last summer. I think you will find the climate really nice.

  5. Happy Birthday Gypsy. I was looking forward to having you with us in chat last night for your party....
    Have a wonderful year!

  6. Regarding the difficultly turning the key ...
    Sometimes the steering wheel will creep back after the engine is shut off and the steering is locked (by the key). The load of the steering wheel against the lock will cause it to bind, sometimes a lot.
    If the key seems hard to turn, try turning the steering wheel a little bit with the your other hand, one way and then the other, while turning the key.
    Hope this helps.
    Happy Birthday!
    'The Traveling Trio'

  7. Will you be volunteering at Dinosaur? I did that in '08. You'll certainly need the AC. I hope they have finally resolved the electricity problems. I'd be happy to tell you of my experiences there....make sure you have an outside surge guard!