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Monday, November 16, 2009

Minor work accomplished

It was accomplished mostly by Rex at Miles Motors, and not by me. I just watched. He changed the oil in the generator, and I'm very glad to have that done. He drained the water heater, and I watched the process so that I will now be able to do it myself. Everyone told me it wasn't difficult, and it certainly isn't, but I wouldn't have been sure where to start and now I know. I had developed a leak under the kitchen sink when using the right basin, and after diagnosing the problem Rex installed a new fixture. The old one was chrome but the new one is white and looks much better with the white sink, at least to me. Now I can do a decent job on my dishes - there is barely enough room in the kitchen area to do the dishes, and to lose one of the basins made it extremely difficult. He also applied some caulking to a spot that needed it, and all this cost me an obscenely low amount of money. I would have had to pay double most other places. And, when I first arrived at the campground he helped me put all the parts together for a new waste hose line with a lexan fitting so I can tell when the water runs clear. I haven't been charged for little things like that, so all in all I'm a happy camper today.

I drove with two boxes of linens and glassware to the Kiwanis thrift store in Black Mountain. This is a scenic little village but the parking is hard to find and harder to get into if you do find a space. With my 1 ton pickup with duallies, just forget it. I parked in a church lot over a block away and made two separate trips for the boxes. An elderly man working there offered to go with me on the second trip and bring the box back, but I said I would just walk back myself and get it. That bit of walking, plus a trip on foot over to the post office this morning to pick up a package, has left me very tired for today. I took Lady to the post office with me and tied her up outside while I ran in for the package. I think she is tired herself, as it is more walking than she is used to.

I have developed a craving for bacon fried rice which I haven't had in a long time, so that is on the menu for supper tonight. I can't find my Japanese rice, so I guess regular medium grain will do. I nearly bought a mini rice cooker recently but wasn't sure where I would put it, and now I wish I had it.

I'm looking forward to getting to Fort Pulaski where I can set up my home in a semi-permanent fashion. I didn't ever unwrap all the dishes & glassware from traveling from New York. To me this is one of the downsides of moving frequently, although I'm sure many ambitious RVers take the time to set up completely each stop.


  1. Afternoon. Glad you are having a good time.

    A comment you made has me questioning something. You mentioned packing and unpacking your dishes. Unless it is priceless china you shouldn't have to unpack and pack everytime you move. There is so much out there for RVer's to make what you are doing unnecessary. There are things that can be mounted to hold your glasses. Use the cheap drawer lining stuff, flexible with holes, you can pick up at the dollar store. Cut it and put it between each plate or bowl and will keep it from sliding or moving around.

    That is enough for now. If you are doing these things excuse my butting in. I just hate to see you having to do all that work and worry when maybe you don't have too.

    Keep posting. Talk to some other Rver's and see what they do. So much info on the net too.

    Do you get a weekly newsletter via email from any of the rv info sites. Lots of good stuff there.

    Ok Later Linda

  2. It's good you were able to weed out a few more belongings that you decided you could do without. I think Linda Sue (previous comment) has a good point on the unpacking/packing of dishes. I think she just doesn't want to think you are going through so much stress about the glassware every time you need to relocate your rig. We don't pack anything when moving in our MH. I do have that rubbery stuff between my pots and pans just so they don't rattle and make me crazy when we're driving. That's my 2 cents worth.