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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Passport is Ready!

I just received an email from the Passport office saying that my application has been processed and the passport is in the mail! I am so relieved to have that out of the way for another 10 years, at which time I don't think I will be much concerned about a passport! Yesterday was week #3 from the time my application was received in Philadelphia, so I take back every mean thing I've ever said about Homeland Security & whatever they call INS now. (Well, almost everything.)


  1. Hi There! Found your blog/journal when checking for solo RV'ers/etc.
    Very enjoyable!
    It's a fantasy I have been entertaining for awhile now. I own a cottage on Tybee Island (been here 38 yrs), am in REstate, among many other $$ hats I wear...if you are still doing the Pulaski thing, love to meet up w/ you and pick your brain about Full-timing!
    Hey!Free tour guide, and I'll even buy you dinner!!!! Let me know!!!
    Lady Di (tagfish360 @ yahoo ).com

  2. That's great Gypsy. It's nice to see that you can still fool the Fed's now and then!!

  3. That's so great that you got your passport. I know that was such a great worry for you. Now you're free to roam the world. (so to speak)

  4. You made me realize I needed to check our passports but we're okay for another couple of years. Three weeks is really amazing for the Feds.

  5. So where ya heading? LOL Kidding aside, it is good to have an updated passport handy as you never know when you'll be "On The Road Again" and make that left or right turn to a new destination. A new adventure is always right around the corner.

  6. Good God, Sis... Are you mellowing now, or what?
    your lovable baby brother,