Eastern Utah
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

This morning Paul & Mary stopped by to say goodbye on their way east. I was sorry to see them leave, but as we have connected several times since we first met in Sacramento, I look forward to seeing them again before long.

I received a recall notice for my 2002 Ford F-350, so I drove over to Black Mountain Ford to set up an appointment. Wrong, no more Black Mountain Ford. Since the Huddle House is in Black Mountain, and since everyone seems to be blogging about craving and eating bacon and eggs, I decided to go for it myself. And of course I had grits and gravy to go with them. I came home and napped for an hour or so, and then found a Ford dealer on Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. Since I have a medical appointment on Biltmore Ave. very close to the Ford dealer, I will call them on Monday to schedule the recall fix.

The sun is bright today and we are having a slight warming trend for the next few days and the trees are still colorful. It is a beautiful place to be right now.


  1. Breakfast sounded great - except for the 'grits and gravy'!

  2. I agree with Rick except I don't mind the gravy too much. It's just the wall paper paste that I don't understand!!

  3. It was so great to be with you again, Gypsy! Enjoy the rest of your visit in your wonderful hometown!

    We look forward to seeing you down the road soon.

  4. For those who might try grits, add a dash of salt and a slice of cheese and some tobasco. Yum! My dad was from Reading, PA and he fell in love with my mom's grits. She was from Oklahoma.