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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday morning

My first stop this morning was Walmart. I have never cared for Walmart, but sometimes it is the only game in town. They have things for RV's and that is usually why I go there in the first place, picking up other items while I'm at it. I happened to have about $20 remaining on a gift card, and decided to go spend it this morning - mostly on RV stuff and a double CD Toby Keith set, which is being added to my iTunes as I write this.

The next stop was storage, where I found a few items of clothing I want to have with me, but still couldn't find the bathroom scale. I had decided to buy one at Walmart but could never find one. I spent a while in the bath & bed section, as well as the pharmacy area, and didn't see anything resembling a scale.

I've had a few comments recently about my references to grits. I would like to state right now that you really need to order them in the southeast - east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon line. You might find them elsewhere prepared decently by a transplanted southerner, but it is doubtful. As to the consistency, they aren't cooked right if they look like wallpaper paste! The instant and quick cook versions just won't do - they must be cooked the old fashioned way. And if you don't care for cream of wheat you might not like grits either. Some folks like to put sugar on grits. Others prefer a big pat of butter, then salt and pepper on theirs, and this is the way I like them. You can also eat them with sugar and milk (similar to cream of wheat) and this is how my mother served them to us for breakfast when I was very young. I really didn't like them that way, and I was a middle aged adult when I found out how divine they taste with butter, salt & pepper. You can add a dash of tobasco, gravy (southern style made with milk, not brown gravy) or some cheddar cheese if you like. They can also be shaped into patties and fried, and spicy fried grits makes a perfect base for topping with meat or shrimp. I'm fixin to get some prepared this way when I get to the Carolina Low Country in a couple of weeks. So what it amounts to is that there are many ways to eat them and you might like one or the other, or maybe not at all. But for goodness sake if you try them you have to come southeast! I realize there are no doubt those who disagree, but that's ok. This is just my take on it.


  1. I'm glad you're fixin' to get more grits down in the Low Country. All my friends from Georgia and South Carolina are always fixin' to do something. I think it's kind of cute. Grits are OK, but give me the oatmeal! Have fun, Gypsy.

  2. Gypsy, how have you adapted to your MacBook Pro? Very well, I hope. I have had mine just over a month now and after some time adjusting to it, I know now that I am happy with my purchase.

    Happy travels!

  3. I like Cream of Wheat & I like Wal-Mart. Jerry would probably put Onions in his grits & I would probably like the grits in my morning soy shake. I think a good slathering of peanut butter & honey added to them there gritters would be to my liking as well....east of the Mississippi that is:))

  4. Mmmm grits with butter and salt & Pepper. Love em with spicy sausage and scrambled eggs. Learned to eat grits in the Navy in Mississippi boot camp.

  5. The best way to eat grits is like polenta. Let it solidify and fry a slice. Olive oil is good. Yes, I agree that butter, salt and pepper is the best way. The first time I tried grits was in North Carolina on a job interview in 1970. Thought at first it was cream of wheat! Love them now. In fact, next Sunday we'll eat at Cracker Barrel and I'll have grits (North Phoenix).

    Glad you're trying the Mac - I've always used a PC, but when I had a real job with the phone company, we used Macs. I've been using Windows 7 all summer and think it quite nice - might even be better than Mac's OS!!!???

    Enjoy your blog. We have a little bit of RVing at www.sshaff.com

  6. Just had some grits at Cracker Barrel yesterday. (In the Southeast, too!) Butter, salt and pepper. A little lump of heaven!

    Now, in the west they serve grits on a fancy dinner plate and call it soft polenta! Most of those folks don't have a clue they're eatin' good ol' grits!

  7. Just saw Toby Keith's video "Cryin For Me, about his friend Wayman Tisdale. Wayman was a gifted athlete and outstanding musician who passed much too early due to cancer. If you watch it have a hanky on hand, very touching. One of the best that I have seen from Toby. We love him here in Oklahoma