Eastern Utah
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Even though I'm sitting right in front of the electric heater I'm still cold. I don't think it's that the temperature is so low, but it is rainy and windy and I'm ready for some warm weather!

I may get my wish but not at the time of year I need it - I had a telephone interview today with the volunteer coordinator at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah about a summer position. She promised to let me know in about three weeks. I think the temperature in that part of the country gets to 100 or higher during July!

All the RV's that were in pull-through sites left by mid-week and I'm sitting here all alone, which is ok by me. Of course there are RV's in the back-in sites around the perimeter, but not many of those either. Only us hardy souls aren't yet on our way south!

I took the truck out today to go to a nearby convenience store and found I am able to turn the key in the ignition by reaching over and through the steering wheel with my left hand. That is a relief to know as I'd like to rest my right hand and let whatever injury I have heal for a while. The pain occurs at the strangest times - like trying to tie my shoes in the morning before taking the dog out. Just a simple motion, but it triggers some muscle that doesn't want to be triggered at all.


  1. Probably that damp cold that's got you shivering. We get that a lot in Ontario & it just gets right inside your clothes & you can't get warm. Only solution is to turn that ignition key & head west to Arizona or California for the hotter dry weather. Gotta get away from that east coast humidity in the air.....not good fer ya!!

  2. I noticed it too this morning, the dampness. It's rainy, dark and chilly. I hope you'll be warmer a bit more south, at least warmer then in the mountains of NC. I sure hope your hand gets better.

  3. Nice to read that you were able to start your truck. Resting the right hand will probably be the best medicine. Cold, wet and windy here in WA, too. Can't wait for Dec. 26th.

  4. I have a catch in my lower thumb and wrist that gets aggrivated at times in cold weather. When it is really bothering me I wear a wrist brace that imobilizes everything. I will wear it at night so I don't curl my wrist next to my face. I will try to take a picture of it and send it to you via email.

  5. I am hopeful for a campground volunteer host at Capital Reef in Utah for June-October, 2010. I am excited about the prospect of working there but if I don't get it there will always be something to do. They told me I would know by Christmas.

  6. I have days were I can't seem to be able to get warm either. That's usually when I get out the old fashioned hot water bottle and put it under my feet.
    I hope that your wrist will feel better after some rest.