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Friday, November 13, 2009

Changing storage units

I went out today to buy a bathroom scale and decided to stop by my storage on the way to see if there are any small items I could bring back. The contents have been whittled down so that I knew I could get my belongings into a smaller, and cheaper unit. I talked with the manager and the end result is I have half the space at $10 less per month, but because I am contracting for a whole year I get other discounts which will bring the monthly fee to about $20 less than what I'm now paying. Yes, I'll take back $240 a year.

Once all the paperwork was signed I started moving things I knew I would place in the rearmost section, and accomplished quite a bit today. I didn't want to stay any longer because I had let Lady come with me today and she was cramped in the back of the truck cab, so tomorrow I plan to work on it until finished. I think I have about 20 boxes to move, and hope I can consolidate them even further. The really heavy boxes contain binders of genealogy research as well as framed photographs.

I never did get the scale, but stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked up more pie and ice cream, so after a relatively healthy supper of pasta topped with olive oil, a couple kinds of grated cheese and sauteed fresh veggies, I will get decadent with dessert. Life is good!

The rain finally stopped and although the ground is pretty soggy the sun is brightly shining. I am sitting outdoors and Lady is snoozing in the sun. Under the 5th wheel overhang is the only spot I could find that isn't muddy and where the sun doesn't interfere with my computer screen.

I hauled one of my propane tanks down to the refill station this morning, and laughed with Rex about how one year ago he was removing 2 tanks, refilling and bringing them back and setting them up for me - probably once a week. I have since learned how to deal with the tanks, plus I am a lot better at managing propane usage. Having a small electric heater also helps. I asked Rex if he would change the oil in the generator and drain the hot water tank. He told me the hot water tank is very easy to do so I will watch how he does it and do it myself from then on. If I live long enough I might get proficient in taking care of a 5th wheel, although I doubt it.


  1. When you drain the hot water tank, post the procedure! Ours was never done till we winterized this year.