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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fort Pulaski Info

I just received an email from the Volunteer Coordinator at Fort Pulaski, and downloaded and printed out the Volunteer Handbook. It's deja vu, all over again. "If you plan on bringing a cell phone, be aware that coverage is spotty in the RV campground area." As I found at Lassen, where you can't get cell phone coverage you also can't get aircard coverage. But I take heart that the public library on Tybee Island, about 4 miles away, has WiFi that can be received outside in their parking lot, and has public computers inside. I can also get a library card, which I will really appreciate. So instead of having to drive 20 miles to get WiFi at a laundromat, I will only be a few miles away from WiFi at the library. I can live with that.

I am always amazed by the performance of my little Brother monochrome laser printer. It printed the 20 page handbook faster than the time it took me to attach the cord to the computer and the printer to the wall socket. It is super fast! And it was cheap as printers go, although if you try to buy a toner cartridge at Office Depot or other such store, one toner costs more than the original cost of the printer. I found an online office supply outfitter that has them for about 1/3 the price, and since I'm not doing genealogy lately I don't print often. I love it when all you need is a simple piece of equipment and you can find exactly what you need. I wish it had a scanner, but if I need one I can drag out the HP printer I have stored under the bed.

Yesterday I got out the maps for North/South Carolina and Georgia, to look at the route I will take in a couple of weeks. I'm considering traveling on Thanksgiving to avoid a lot of traffic, although I did that one year when traveling to California and was surprised at how many cars were on the roads, all going to Grandma's house for turkey & dressing, I suppose. I checked a few campground books I have and really didn't find much along the way, although I can probably find plenty in the Woodall's directory if I look hard enough. It is a huge, thick, heavy book with very small print. To read it I must have a good light directly overhead, and a magnifying glass helps. I would venture to say that most people who buy their directory are past a certain age where the eyesight isn't as good, so why do they print it in telephone-directory-sized type? I think I'd rather pay for two books - one each for Eastern and Western U.S., and be able to read them more easily. I'm sure there will be campgrounds along the way so I'm not too worried about it - if I leave early enough in the morning there is a chance I could drive it in one day. The maps are what I love looking at, and it is always good to have several so you can look at the route from different perspectives.

The rain has called a truce so far this morning, but the sky looks like it could open up and drench us at any moment. I have a list of errands to run and I should get to them while I can stay dry.

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  1. I was just thinking about your Mac questions. Lots of areas have Mac groups that get together. You might be able to find someone on line that belongs to the local Mac group that could help you.

    Here in Ottawa the local group is called Mugoo.

    Here's a link I found for one in Savannah although it doesn't look like there's a meeting scheduled.


    Hope it helps!