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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What to wear

Like most women starting a new adventure, our thoughts turn to the quandary of "what should I wear?", and I have been fretting about that all day today.  I don't want to buy exercise outfits until I see what other women wear to the gym.  You guys are probably scoffing, and I understand why.  You probably would just find the oldest t-shirt in the drawer and exercise in it, and I am leaning in that direction as well.  Maybe for beginners, an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt will do.

They tell me to bring bottled water to drink about every 10 minutes while exercising.  I normally filter my tap water into a Brita pitcher and don't buy the bottled stuff.  I hate to change my habits on that score.  Then I'm supposed to consume the high energy protein bars and snacks, but I have never found one I could tolerate.  For one thing they are too chewy or too crunchy - maybe fine for 30 year old teeth but certainly not for the 70+ yr ones, at least the ones that we have left.  I don't want to look like a cow chewing away.

I found a German brand of sports bar which is milk chocolate over a butter biscuit.  It is a big thick square shaped cookie, and if the Germans call it a sports bar then that's good enough for me.

Getting prepared to go to the gym to exercise takes a lot of preparation that you might not ever think of.  I hope I'm not the object of smirks because I'm not a savvy gym patron - yet.  If someone does happen to smirk my aging eyes probably won't notice.


  1. I don't know old gal. I'm think'n if'n it was me in your shoes, I would find me the tightest fit'n stretch britches I could....color purple of course. A pair of black an' white Keds with knee high multi color socks. For the top side, a DDDD stuffed with a couple rolls of TP, topped off with a bright yeller shortie top. Then let them "gawkers" git a eye full.

    A couple Hershey bars with a few nuts be a good energy snack. Have fun.

  2. I'm with Billy Bob. You worry too much. :)

  3. When I toured one of our local gyms I was told to wear anything comfortable but to be sure the sneakers were only worn indoors.

  4. HAHaaaa oh, you kill me. put on whatever is comfortable over your enormous hulk ... grab some water and a couple of snicker bars ... and sweat...let the drops fall where they may ...

    I'm not scoffing ...

  5. I always brought my water in my brita bottle at the gym and never ate while I was there. No one is going to talk me into plastic that ends up in the landfill. I think you'll find that it isn't all that necessary unless you plan to train for a triathalon.

  6. I would just wear some comfy sweats and an old t-shirt. They sell so many kinds of bottles to carry you filtered water in some are under a dollar. Go with it and enjoy.

  7. Ordered our pedometers today. Now if we'll just use them when they get here. And I'm just going to be sure I have clothes on. I figure that's good.

  8. At our age does it really matter what we wear? Yes, I know, I ain't a women. One advantage of being an old man is no one cares what I look like, especially me.

  9. Just buy a couple bottles of Ice Mountain water in the sports bottle - drink them and then refill them with your Brita filtered water - Cathy K

  10. Howdy Gypsy,

    I'm with BB, do your thing and have a ball(PILATES)... BLOW THEIR EYES OUT !!!
    My daughter has spent no tellin' how much money JOINING those gyms, goes about once a year and fumes because she doesn't lose any weight, she's square 5X5...

    Hope you do go and have a HAPPY DAY !!!

  11. I'd start with a loose set of sweats in a solid color, and then see what, if anything, I would like to change.

    As for water, you could take a closed container of your Brita water and a glass. At drinking time, pour some into the glass and drink it. I carry two Tupperware glasses (with tight tops) on day trips, along with a gallon of our home-distilled water.

    I use the Simply Orange orange juice containers for water storage at home, so just grab a couple of those when we are ready to leave the house. The Tupperware glasses just stay in the car all the time, being brought in after use for washing - then returned.