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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Catching up

My trip is finally catching up with me and I am really tired.  This morning I cleaned up the kitchen and then made a big pot of minestrone-style vegetable soup, but this afternoon I sat down with a glass of wine to look at a magazine and fell asleep for an hour.  I must have needed the rest.  The soup turned out to be very good.  I think I'll save my dessert for a couple hours from now.

I need to tackle the header picture - get a different picture and hope it fits.  I fooled with this one for a long time and just gave up trying to make it smaller.  I used to have no problem doing that until Blogger "improved" and "updated" their program, and now I can't figure out the simplest things.

I'm also noticing way more spam than before - mostly spam comments to my blog.  It seems like the traffic peaks and then dies down a bit, and then goes back up again.  The irritating thing is that comments come to me in individual emails, so I have to look at them to see if it is truly an anonymous reader, then mark it as spam if it isn't, and then go back once in a while and delete all the spam.  And I have to go to the spam comments section of the blog and remove them.  No, it isn't difficult but it sure is annoying, especially when I'm getting about 10 of them a day, minimum.  Do the writers of this crap actually think anyone is going to check out their link or answer their dumb question?  I wish I knew what makes people do that - it must be for the sole purpose of being a jerk.

I feel like going back to sleep, but that would be a big mistake.  I'll catch up to myself sooner or later. 


  1. I wanted to change my picture on my blog too. Can't figure it out either. I love how their new and improved ideas are such a pain in out necks.

    My yahoo is being nailed with lots of spam too while it does go to spam like you said it is a pain to deal with. Each morning I have anywhere from 6-9.

  2. I have been known to ask dumb questions, does that make me spam?? (grin) Get rested up so you can take another trip. You are Gypsy, right?

  3. I'm glad to hear you are trying to make your banner photo smaller. I like a blog where you can see the date or heading of the day's blog just below the banner photo, without having to scroll down. That way, if it is an old blog, I can move on. Lazy, aren't I?

  4. I gave up on the idea of a header picture. Too much trouble. Soup sounds great.

  5. I love your large header photo of all the animals - I spent a bit of time just looking at them all before I scrolled down to read your latest post. Adults, babies, laying down, standing up, facing the camera, facing away, etc. With the hazing background, I really liked the photo.

    I guess we all like different things, so no matter what you do, some of us will like it. :)

  6. I agree with Barbara, the header photo is interesting and I like the foggy background.

  7. Nice relaxing Buffalo header photo. Only way to change my header photo is to do it every month or so. If not, I will forget how. It's always a challenge each time though.