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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Well done, Gypsy

What I said exactly was "Damn, I'm good!"  But then the aches and pains set in, and I probably overdid the exercise thing, but I'm doing so well with it that I will just suffer.

The yoga video I followed yesterday evening just about kicked me in the butt.  Then this morning I went to the gym with Donald, Jeannie, & their two girls.  (CA Fitness has a special area that the kids can go, be safe, and have fun.)

Donald and Jeannie showed me a lot of the various machines, and although I was really hesitant about them at first, I found I LOVE THEM!  Especially the Nautilus machines.  Jeannie and I also did some workouts with dumbells, as well as some other equipment.

I'm pretty much wiped out right now but I plan to go back for more tomorrow morning.  If I can get out of bed, that is.

Donald was taking it easy because of his recent knee surgery, but his doctor told him he can ease back into basketball.  Jeannie and I looked in on the basketball court at the gym where he and another guy were playing - Donald is so incredibly talented and every time he shoots the ball, no matter from where on the court, he gets it in the basket.  I told him later what a show-off he is!

How nice it is to have someone to exercise alongside of and not have to go alone.  Tomorrow I will join the class that utilizes a few minutes on each of the machines, and you can do whatever you can during the interval, but you keep switching from one to another.  They really provide a total workout, and I know because I hurt in every single muscle of my body!

The weather here is sunny and will be in the upper 60's for the next few days.  It didn't get up to the predicted 72 today, so I think summer is just about over with.

I will be seeing my eye surgeon in a week, and his office is just about a mile away from REI.  Of course I will have to drop into REI to check out camping and backpacking gear, although I won't buy anything yet unless it's on sale.  Well, maybe a good map or two.  

I feel great and all is right with the world.  Ya can't ask for any better than that.  (Actually the world is in pretty crappy shape, all over.  But that isn't my world and I refuse to let events keep me down.  Not having TV sure helps in that regard.)


  1. Wow!! You are going to be in great shape. Now, don't you over do it too much. I have to go in on Halloween for some additional eye surgery.

  2. You sound great! Exercise will do that I know. I definitely miss the gym and yoga classes I had on the road.

  3. Now you have made me feel very lazy. I better make the call to see if I can still go to the gym under my insurance plan. You sound so up beat. good for you

  4. That's a pretty up-beat post Gypsy whoo just got done reading the Billy-Bob...

  5. Hey Gypsy,
    Without a TV you don't get all of the depressing, negative caca!!!
    You bet you CAN DO IT !!! GO GIRL !!!

    If it's ONLY a mile to REI from the eyeball doc's, WALK!!!

    REI to a camper is like BASS_PRO or CABELLA'S to an hunter & fisherman..

    Keep it up, girl, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  6. Good for you!!!

    I always thought Yoga was really easy. Then I joined a class years ago, and because I had a sore arm from typing too much, I had to quit after the first day. Years later I got a WII Fit, and tried the Yoga posts. OMG. I'm such a wimp. But I can see the benefit, for sure, especially the poses that are for balance. Having good balance is so important for us as we age. Poor balance causes a lot of falls, and those can lead to real problems.

    Keep at it Gypsy! You just might make me get my Wii Fit out again. :)