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Friday, October 25, 2013

Some great advice

I found a wonderful web site this afternoon, called Total Escape Outside.  It covers destinations in California, but the advice the owner gives can be meaningful to anyone reading it.  I will paste it below because I could never paraphrase or say it any better.

"we’re all in the lab

GMO food, pesticide residue coated vegetables, nuclear fall out from Fukushima, not to mention smartmeters & smartphones. The electromagnetic prison is today’s technology ruling our lives 24/7. Our must-have digital life inside our gadgets keep us so busy within the city limits – shopping, tracked, monitored and entertained to the point of numbness.

 Choose to escape the matrix every weekend – outdoors! In the wild lands, on the back roads, car camping, day hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking… you can dream of freedom for a day – if you can afford the gasoline to actually travel. Breathe fresh air, feel the sunshine, fish for dinner in a creek, learn to cook over the open flame."

Those of us who are retired can avoid the weekend outings and traffic and enjoy less hectic outings during the week.  The website is TotalEscape.com, and I have been devouring info about places to go from Sacramento north to the Oregon border.  So instead of the monster trips I have always loved, I think I will concentrate on shorter and easier ones for a while (if I can stick to it), and I'm going to try to find out of the way places.

It's hard to believe another weekend is beginning.  It seems like only a couple of days ago I was going to the Saturday farmers' market.  Nothing specific planned for this weekend, but I'll find something to do that won't cost money.  This time of the month is when I slow down on the spending.  I should set the ladder up and wash the windows on the outside, but I'm a little afraid of ladders these days.

Does anyone else have the occasional problem of reading a word entirely wrong?  I do it more often than I'd like - today on a map I read "Trinity River Marina" as "Trinity River Marijuana" - and no, that is not where my mind is.

(I don't know why the difference in the type of the above quote, and I did what I could to try to fix it.  I figure it's not worth spending a lot of time on, when I can't even load a header picture to fit.)


  1. Hey, join me at Tamarac next summer, and we'll catch some fresh fish for dinner@ ;)

  2. Short day trips can be a great outing without all the fuss of a long extended outing.

    Don't worry about the fonts. We can read it all OK.

  3. It is wonderful to be able to go places during the week rather than on the week-ends when those trapped all week get out of jail. I love planning trips large or small. I can just hear your enthusiasm. Can't wait to see where you go first.

  4. I like going during the week too. Less people and usually no kids.

    I read things wrong all the time, Just laugh it off and keep going. sometimes I have to read a line a few times before it makes any sense to me.

    I'll check out this site.

  5. yes... during the week is best ... aren't rates cheaper Sunday through Thursday in some places?

    Lots of nifty places in your area f/sure.

  6. I like your header picture. It feels like I could just step into it but I would be too close to the Buffalo. lol