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Saturday, October 26, 2013


I went to the gentle yoga class at the gym last night, and I didn't think it was all that gentle.  I had a difficult time understanding what the instructor was saying - she not only had a weird voice and pronunciation, sort of swallowing her words, but wore one of those microphones that is positioned right in front of your mouth.  They may be fine for singing into or even for talking on a phone, but in a big cavernous room I didn't think the sound was good at all.  I will try to attend the sessions led by someone else in the future.

I ordered a 30 day subscription to the Lilias yoga collection - I mentioned before that she is the one I followed on PBS for a couple of years after my 2nd child was born.  In watching her videos I feel like I'm back with an old friend, and she speaks clearly and distinctly without needing a distracting microphone in front of her face.

The big problem is that my Verizon MiFi is limited to 5 GB a month, and I have the feeling I won't be able to watch a 30 minute video each day for a month without going over.  I wanted to see how I could manage it for a month before I go to a year's subscription.  I may just have to either increase Verizon to the 10GB plan for $30 more a month, or wait until the MiFi contract period is up and then just get unlimited internet from AT&T or similar.  I wouldn't be able to take my own access along with me on my travels, but I think I can learn to live without it for a week at a time at least.  I often have to do that when camping.

I am pleased to say, however, that I am not all that bad (for my age), and I think strength and flexibility will increase if I keep up with it.  I'm going to accompany Jeannie to the gym soon and she will explain some of the machines to me, as well as the weight lifting equipment.  I may just stick to the dumbells (I don't want to paint an image of dumbells for the dumbell!)  I have some but they are in the hidden recesses of my car and I can't find them.  I don't know why I took them with me on my travels as I never bothered to use them even once.

So Billy Bob, don't think you are off the hook yet.  I'm still fixin' to get myself in shape for our arm rasslin' challenge.  I know you are good, but I think I can hang in there!

I'm planning a little road trip for one day next week but I need to get some laundry done soon.  And does it make sense to drive 60 miles one way to hike a few miles and then turn around and drive back?  I should consider driving up to the El Dorado National Forest and hiking there - it would cut about 20 miles off the travel each way.


  1. I get most of my exercise sitting on the couch typing on the laptop. Actually, I do enjoy walking and hiking. Got to get out and do more.

  2. Yes, it is worth the drive. I'm going to do basically the same thing tomorrow. You are inspiring me.

  3. Howdy Gypsy,
    Yes, it makes sense, because it lets you expand your lungs, open your eyes, and breathe CLEAN AIR (ALTHOUGH, IN CALIFORNICA, THAT'S DOUBTFUL)!!!! Just as long as you have FUUN doing it...
    I'd think as old as you are you'd know how to exercise, without having to spend a WHOLE LOT OF $$$$... BB is a pussy-cat at arm-wrasslin'... Golf-ball whackin' is sumpin' else, though; RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAIRWAY, huh BB !!!!

  4. You say you have 5g MiFi? I have 4 on mine. I have been looking into other servers but the are all so expensive. My contract is up next month and I just don't know what to do. Like you I like to take mine along on trips and AT&T is home based only.

    Does that Yoga workout come in DVD?
    I remember her on PBS so many moons ago.

  5. Hell yes Gypsy ant road trip into the Mts is a good thing. And I think if you caught Billy Bob as soon as he rolls out of that bed you could whip him...And as for your videos. I do know if we watch 2 movies off of our MIFI it will use about 2gb of course that still reading emails and blog's..

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  7. Good for you! I sure need to get some more exercise.

  8. For me the yoga instructor always mattered a lot. At my gym they each had their own little followings and there were some I liked and went to and some I didn't. So just pick the ones you like. I looked up Lilia and her yoga is on DVD from Amazon and at Barnes and Noble according to the all knowing google.

  9. I used to drive from my house near Chicago to Starved Rock State Park to hike on the trails. It was probably around 90-100 miles. I would leave early in the day, hike in the park, have lunch, do some sightseeing in the small towns along the Illinois River and then head back home.