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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This morning my son Steve came by to see me with grandson Liam.  When I was in NY Mike put a little scooter in my car for me to bring back to Liam, who was thrilled to get it.  Mike's boys have graduated to bigger and faster scooters now, and I posted pictures on one of my previous posts when I was in NY.

I had told Steve I brought the scooter, so he came prepared with the helmet.  We have no sidewalks here and Liam's concept of riding in the street needs some refinement - the SIDE of the street, Liam, not the MIDDLE!

I went to the gym to talk to someone about what kind of activities I might start out with, and I also printed this week's schedule of classes from the internet.  There is a gentle yoga class at 7:30 this evening, and I am debating with myself whether or not to go back for it.  I normally like to do any exercising earlier in the day.  There are at least two days where I could take the "Silver Sculpt" class, which sounds to me like "Old Gray Hair Folks" class.  Since that is exactly where I belong I don't take offense to it, and even see the humor.

I will no doubt waffle back and forth about returning for the 7:30 yoga, but I'll let you know in tomorrow's post.  By the way, I realized later that in all the time I spent in the gym earlier today I didn't really pay attention to what anyone was wearing!  I hope they didn't pay attention to me either.  (I wore sweat pants and a t-shirt, and if I go back for yoga I may change into the stretchy pants, or not.)

It is in the low 80's the rest of the week but it is still cool in the house.  I closed a lot of the windows this morning so that Liam wouldn't be cold, but I shouldn't worry - kids' have metabolisms that doesn't allow for their getting cold.

Steve told me that he and a friend had gone on a backpacking trip into the Desolation Wilderness in the Eldorado National Forest.  I just love the name "Desolation Wilderness" - it is so evocative of being completely alone and on your own in the wild.  He showed me where they hiked in and set up camp, and then they did some serious climbing up ridges, etc., which I wouldn't do, but I would love to be able to go to a place like that where no vehicles are allowed.  Actually holding and unfolding a Forest Service map gives me a shivery excitement - they have a plasticized coating so as to handle rough wear, and I just love looking at them.  Perhaps the new Gypsy will one day be able to hike into a place like that, but I hope I can find a hiking partner in the meantime.


  1. Good for you to get out and do it.
    See you never noticed what anyone was wearing and I'm sure they were to busy working out to pay you any attention either. :)

  2. I don't think I could handle an exercise class of any kind at 7:30 at night. I'm usually home and in my jammies by then. Are there such things as hiking clubs?

  3. yes... isn't there a Sierra Club? seems familiar... well, what fun is little ol Liam... so cute

    Any type of exercise environment I've ever been involved with ... there are all manner of outfits ... I liked leotards back in the day ... wouldn't I look cute now... Ha...

    you know? I still have that outfit ... after looking at some stuff I had in a suitcase ... there they were... the body suit and leotards...

    could wear 'em as earrings nowadays

  4. "...I hope I can find a hiking partner in the meantime." The boys! You hike in with them and set up a base camp with them. You hold the fort down while they do the rock scrambling. When it's time to leave, y'all hike out with together.

  5. Now that I have wrestled with Blogger is puting only every other one of my posts on anyone's side bar, thus no one reads of comments. Now I can get around to reading others posts. You've got some good ideas there....Sierra Club, join the guys, and around here we have a Senior Citizens Center that does all kinds of things including hiking. It's true, no one looks at anyone. I loved my early evening yoga class it was very relaxing. If it isn't too far away - go.

  6. Yoga, is that what you eat? Oh no, I guess that would be yogurt. On yes, yoga is where you turn yourself into a pretzel. . . go camping instead. Hiking out doors is the best exercise.