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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jet lag?

I know it is more difficult to adjust to the time change when going west than it is the other way around.  I thought, however, that driving made a difference, and it does, but I seem to be dealing with a bit of jet lag now.  Since the last two or three days on the road I have been waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier, and today was no exception.

I was up at 6 am and took my time, thinking I wanted to be at Costco when they opened at 9am.  When I got there I remembered they open at 10am, so I headed to LaBou for a croissant and a cup of coffee.  I finally got into Costco, got a couple of prescriptions refilled, and spent a large amount of money on restocking my fridge and kitchen cabinets.  A big pot of soup is scheduled for sometime later this week as I now have all the ingredients.

I grew to really appreciate dessert when staying with Celeste and Joe in Paduah - dinner always ended with cookies or cake and ice cream.  So today I bought ice cream and some marble pound cake!  That is a nice way to end a meal.

Today (even though I'm a bit tired) I feel happy and a sense of well-being.  Can't beat that combo!

In looking at a Costco ad for cameras I notice that all the cameras featured have wi-fi.  Can someone tell me why in the world would you want wi-fi on your camera?  It's getting to be difficult to find a camera that is just a camera, a phone that is just a phone, etc.

In Judilyn's comment to my post about getting film pictures on a CD, I do have a CD slot in my Mac, but the problem seems to be the software used by the store that develops the film.  I may be missing something basic, but I couldn't ever access the pictures.  I agree the .jpg files would have to be on the CD, but I just don't know how to get them.  I need to try it again keeping in mind that I just want the picture files themselves, not the software that shows them.  Next time I have film developed I will look more closely at the disc contents.


  1. I tend to get sleepy when the sun goes down wherever I am and wake up when the sun comes up. So 6:00 is a pretty normal wake up for me. It's going to be shocking when they throw the time back again soon. I hate when they do that. I have jet lag from it for weeks. Glad you are feeling happy. Dessert helps! :-))

  2. I'm not a great computer person, but I would think having wifi on your camera maybe would allow you to send your picture you just took to who ever you wanted it to go to. I know I have an iPhone and when I take a picture I want my kids to see I can send it via email, message, FB etc. I hope someone with more knowledge can maybe explain it better....

  3. All we did was change one time zone and it about did me in for a week. And the girls clocks were all screwed up. We had to retrain their little bellies for dinner time. Glad you're home. It does feel good doesn't it.

  4. It feels good to be home after a nice travel. And now the cabinets and fridge are full so take a few days to relax and regroup. That soup sounds good as we will be dipping here for a few days as a cold front moves in. Cold front really 78 degrees hahaha

  5. yes... I remember passing all the time zones even though I snail travel... I kept Homer's clock on Central time zone (home) and let my iPhone do the whatever time it was wherever I was ... and there was a day or two that I entered several time zones...

    fine with me cause I just went to sleep when it got dark and got up when it was light... who the hell cares what time it is when you're just being a bum.

    EXCEPT when I wanted to make a lunch time special and it wasn't lunchtime or a breakfast special and it was not. ha?

    What does it for me is staying up too late when I'm home watching Craig Ferguson when I know good and well, I'm too sleepy to do such then wake up with the cats in my face at 6am and I'm not ready to get up and then that messes up my whole day because I can't go back to sleep because Charlie's on his way here and so we take a nap together and it starts all over again.

    Morning, Gypsy ;)

  6. M - PM me when you have a moment and let's discuss what is on your disks. Maybe we can figure it out and get you back in business.

    judieashford at earthlink d*t net

  7. Betty is right. The new cameras have WIFI to send pictures to a person or facebook right away. It's great if there's something thats happening, like shootings to send the pictures to the newsroom. (or video)

  8. Sometimes the best part of going away is coming home. I always like coming home to Bayfield. I just don't like having to sit here for 6 months:((