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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not much today

I drove from Monett, MO to Western OK (in the Panhandle) for a much greater distance and time than I like to spend on the wheel.  Eight hours, and I haven't figured the mileage yet.

Northern OK is ok but mostly it's been boring.  US 60 was pretty good in the morning with very little traffic, but this afternoon there were a lot of trucks on the road - construction and farm trucks mostly - and they go slower than the speed limit and are difficult to pass.  Many of them are wide enough to hang over the middle line.  

I went through a nice little town about 2 pm that had several motels I would have gladly stayed at, but thought I would drive another hour.  Bad move - No motels for over 100 miles after that, and I was hesitant to even stop at this one but it turns out to be very nice, clean, and comfortable inside the room.

With the National Parks shut down and not likely to open in the next few days, I will probably drive the most direct route back to Sacramento.  I will have all day tomorrow to change my plans in case a miracle happens.

I want to thank Celeste for sending me off with chocolate cupcakes and some chocolate candy.  They sure improve my mood when I'm driving.  I miss our "refreshment hour" at 3 pm, as well as dessert that always included a few scoops of ice cream.  I'm spoiled now.

I have a terrible internet connection here - hope everything comes through ok.  


  1. That's too many hours on the road but I'm glad you found a nice place to lay your head for the night. Chocolate definitely makes the journey a lot less stressful.

  2. I've always figured if the roads, traffic, & weather are good & one is up to the drive it's an individuals decision how far they want to go. No 2 days are the same. Some days we go far & some days we just shut it down on the early side. Mostly we go far...

  3. I know some people have suggested State Parks, while some are very beautiful they can be very expensive. And they do not take Senior discounts. But I hope you find somewhere pretty to stop and camp.

  4. I work for the State of TN - Environment & Conservation. Information Systems Division (we do software/help desk support for our division).

    This week I've received a lot of calls from RV'ers staying in TN. These people are wanting information for RV campgorunds in our State parks and privately owned RV campgrounds.

    The only help I can offer these people are phone numbers for the parks and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce phone number.

  5. Howdy Gypsy,
    Please, don't just RUN BACK HOME, because of the stupid antics of a bunch of spoiled/rotten politicos..
    There are other spots top 'camp', such as the NEW one (CRS) on farms & vineyards, who don't charge and THE RunningStar Ranch, on TEXAS 153 in Coleman county TEXAS, who INVITES YOU TO COME VISIT !!! This IS the time of the year to visit in TEXAS!!
    Hope your trip is safe and you have a HAPPY DAY!!!