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Saturday, October 19, 2013


I watched Arianna yesterday and was too tired to go to the gym.  I didn't really do much to tire me out - I read to her a lot and my voice was about to give out.

This morning I went to Autumn's soccer game.  I have to make sure that I get to at least one game for each grandkid.  On the drive home I thought about my own 3 yr soccer career.

I played two years on a new team in a women's league in Cincinnati.  At first we were so darned polite, and then we learned to be assertive and beyond.  The proudest moment of my entire soccer playing life was the day I got yellow carded!  I know I strutted around like the Queen of Sheba, my coaches looked at me with a new admiration, and my team mates were also in admiration plus maybe a little envious.

I was never all that good at the game - I had no power in my kick, but I trained myself to kick with my left foot, so I nearly always got to play.  Left footed kickers are scarce and so are in high demand, at least they were then.  I also played "smart" to make up for my lack of power.  After the first season I quit smoking which I had started at age 14, because I thought I could be a star if only I could run better.  I was never a star but I ran much better and without nearly choking to death.

First year:  (I'm second row from top, 3rd from left).  These are old photos that I scanned and I know they won't show up well in Blogger.  You can try clicking on them to enlarge, but I apologize for the lack of clarity.

Second year:  (I'm top row, 3rd from right)

After the two years playing in a female league I went over to a co-ed team - that didn't last very long because I soon realized the men wanted to score the goals and did everything they could to keep the ball away from women on their own team.  They also tried to play the game like American football, and would hurt you in a heartbeat and not feel bad about it.

I got all "soccered out" then because not only did I have practices and games, but toward the last I had 3 kids who had practices and games.  I had some heavy-duty scheduling!  Now I really don't like any kind of sports.

I cooked some kidney beans this afternoon for a soup I intend to make in the next day or two.  I only gave the shaker of cayenne a couple of tiny little shakes, but dang, you'd think I dumped a couple of tablespoons in there.  I'll be breathing fire!


  1. How wonderful that you still have these pictures. Most of my pictures were ruined by a leaky roof. I had some really old ones too.

    My favorite sport was basketball and still is all my grandson play.
    One granddaughter played soccer.

  2. Never did play any sports except what we had to do in PE to pass the class. And we definitely didn't have soccer where I grew up. I'm not sure they even have it now. Those pictures were great - by the way they weren't blurry and when I clicked they showed up really good.

  3. Wow, that is a demanding game to play and you had to have been in great shape. You sure look good in those pictures.

  4. Looks like you had quite the perm in that first picture. :)

  5. Yea Gypsy that's a very physical game to endure and you should be very proud of yourself. And wow big hair I love it and want to know where it went, now all the girls cut short like guy hair... :(

  6. I never heard of soccer until I was ... well? can't remember... ha

    What fun you were... there was a coed soccer team? now, that's interesting.

    Your pictures were very clear ... and you look mahvelous dahling ...

    I was not athletic at all.... wish I had been. well? I was in the drill team.. guess that was kinda sorta ... nah... we... nah

    haaaa breathing fire ... add more water?