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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quiet Sunday

I haven't done anything today except to take back the radio I bought a couple of days ago.  I didn't like the static and just didn't want to fool around trying to figure out where I might put it.  I should just buy a good digital model and hope I can read the numbers.  Digital read-outs are very difficult for me to make out and I try to avoid them where I can.

I had a wonderful dinner with Jeannie and Donald last night.  The two little girls were really tired and fell asleep before they finished their dinners.  Donald cooked both pork tenderloins to perfection on the grill - we ate one of them and they sent me home with enough for my dinner tonight.  He also grilled some mushrooms, and Jeannie made an excellent salad.  We all went back for more a couple of times.

Last week I successfully downloaded and installed an update on my Garmin GPS.  I had tried to update the software about a year ago and was unsuccessful then, but on my recent trip I realized how out-of-date the maps were - in some case the directions were useless.  Now I have to go someplace and give it a workout to see if it is any better than what I had.  A case in point was Kentucky - coming across much of the state I had to follow three different parkways.  It used to be that getting from one to another was a chore, but now the parkways are seamless and connect with each other.  The GPS couldn't figure that out and was extremely confused.  I'm thankful I can read a map easily and I had no problem anywhere I drove in all my travels.  You really need more than one option on a trip such as the one I made, where I stayed mainly on US and State highways.  I traveled a number of designated scenie byways and wish I had made a note of them.  I had downloaded a list of scenic American Byways before I left home, but I never referred to it while traveling.

This week has been in the 70's but I see we will go up to the low 80's during the coming week.  I just hope it doesn't go any higher as I love the cooler weather for a change.


  1. Dinner sounds yummy and I completely agree on the importance of maps. I tossed my Garmina out a long time ago. She couldn't get me to the store I was sitting in front of.

  2. dinner sure sounds like a winner.

    I still haven't figured out how to use my new Tom Tom. I had to buy a new one since someone at the car wash needed more than me I guess. I liked the old one it was so easy to use. This one uses voice command and it doesn't seem to understand me. :(

  3. After I figured out how to update my GPS, it gave me a whole new route to my next destination. (assuming I ever get to leave MN) It was a much better one for me. Guess I should have done the update sooner.

  4. Now you do know Gypsy that if you had a IPhone it would have the GPS in it with Google Maps and all you have to do is talk into it and tell her where you want to go....Just Saying..Dinner sure sounded good wish I could find someone to cook for me, dang I even have to warm up the Littler Caesars dog food for Chippy...LOL