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Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Fair!

After I missed at least 5 National Parks because of govt. shutdown, I just read that the U.S. may let some of the states reopen them because it is causing hardship on the surrounding communities who rely on tourism.  Well, what the hell, isn't this what was intended to happen?  What about areas of the country where there are a lot of federal civilian workers, such as large Air Force or Naval bases, etc.  The furloughed workers in those locales certainly aren't throwing money around like tourists!

Our entire economy has been devastated since we sent our manufacturing to Asia and thought we could make up for it in service jobs.  Service jobs include the tourism industry.  Now all of the sudden Washington is taking pity on the tourism industry?  What about the rest of us?  It is not fair!  And what about other large sectors of the economy that are adversely affected by the shut-down, and why is tourism so favored?  (I hate to get embroiled in anything political in the blog, but this topic sure affected my travels!)

In the long run I'm sort of glad I came on home when I did.  I'm too old to be taking on such a robust itinerary, and will be much better off going back to the southwest one of these days when the parks are open but the tourism isn't as heavy as it normally is in October.

I should be catching up on my rest as I didn't wake up until 8 AM this morning, and I took over an hour nap this afternoon.  Three loads of laundry, as well as running back and forth to the laundry building to hang the clothes on the line, take them down and fold them, etc.  My bath towels smell so fresh and are stiff as a board, just the way I like them!  They are so absorbent.

I worked on the new header photo, cropping it so that it would fit - so I thought.  Evidently blogger just enlarges it to fit what their parameters are.  I even clicked on "shrink to fit" on the template page.  I don't think I can win.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut next week.  In looking back over my photos I think I looked much younger with short hair.  Of course, I was younger when the photos were taken, but I'm hoping to recapture a little of my youthful looks and energy!


  1. I have a suggestion on the header pic. Open the jpg....or what ever it is in Paint. There you can downsize the pic to 800x600. That will fit perfectly.

    You tickle me when ya got in a tantrum. You go girl.

  2. I kind of like that header with the fog in the background. When it's so big, I feel like I'm there. :)

  3. I like the header photo. Only problem for me is on my aircard sometimes it is hard to load it when it is that big.

    Rant all you want about this ludicrousness of the government. OPEN THE WHOLE THING UP and stop playing around with people's lives is what I say. None of this piece meal crap. Open it all up NOW. But what is happening is that they aren't being pressured enough to do anything. The country has gotten so apathetic that even those who are suffering from this aren't calling the congress and raising hell over and over and over until the congress gets worried about their jobs. They know that not a thing is going to happen at the ballot box as a result of what they have done. We should be ashamed of ourselves as the country of Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine.

  4. Read carefully. The shrink to fit is for width only. They do keep the aspect ratio correct. The header width is 760. The height is less than that. Still catches me once in a while.

  5. I agree with you that women our age generally look younger with short hair.

    Having said that, I'm in the process of growing mine out. I know I look better with short hair, but last December I had such a bad haircut, I swore I was going to grow it out. Pull it back into a pony tail or braid. We'll see. I want to go a year without a haircut and see what I've got.

    Good luck with your cut, I'm sure it will be great! :)

  6. yeah, thinking today about getting my hair cut .... and Barbara.. I wear mine in a high pony tail ... easy but my head's too ugly to show all of it... so I think I'll cut and perm..

    oh, dear lord did say that.

    and rant on you and Sherry ... this shutdown has really caused my family a lot of grief.

    I love your header ... I have to scroll to the right but it's beautiful!

    I have to use a photo editor ... a free one is http://www.picmonkey.com/

    have to adjust that pixel business like Billy Bob and Barney said...

  7. Rant, all you want I am ranting all the time over this nonsense what the hell are these jerks thinking anyway. Yes Carolyn's poor family had wonderful plans and now they are stuck. If this was the 60's the White House would be a mess with protestors.

    I keep my hair short it is to fine and thin to even consider a pony tail. And traveling has no place for hair design. LOL

  8. You will never make a politician, apparently common sense is not a desired trait:)

  9. I ranted several times today because I am just so angry. So rant away and I'm right there with you. I don't want to hassle with my hair so I keep mine short. The less I have to do it the happier I am.

  10. Gypsy... I just changed my header .... here's what I use along with a tutorial ... I would email privately but then maybe someone else might like this little free program. It's easy to use ... I do not do the overlay ... after resizing ... I just save then go to edit on my layout.

    hope this helps...



  11. oh, and on mine? I used 1150 x 698 sizing... each template is different but the tutorial explains how to get your sizing...

  12. Your ranting at the Federal Government is misplaced. They have not opened the parks. A few States have decided to open the parks and pay for them (like Utah).

    If you're going to rant it is always a good thing to get your facts right.

  13. ADDENDUM #2


    Hope y'all get to take a trip, soon and have a HAPPY DAY!!!!