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Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Mexico to Utah

The day started out well and I left the motel at Chama, NM a little before 8 am. There weren't many vehicles on the road until I hit the small cities of Bloomfield, Farmington, and Shiprock, NM and then the traffic picked up.  

But when I got to Shiprock I got into a line of stalled traffic that stretched as far as I could see.  There were two lanes in each direction separated by a wide grassy median, and traffic was moving towards us but we went nowhere.  I moved 0.4 of a mile in an hour, when I crossed the median and drove back to Farmington where I got on a road to bypass Shiprock entirely.  I was disappointed because as many times as I've driven by it I never took a picture of the rock, which looks like a giant galleon with sails billowing.  It is really stunning.

I think the cause of the traffic was the 2013 Navajo Nation Fair which must have been going on.  No one in the traffic seemed to be bothered too much by it - no road rage or anything like that, and many just parked in the median and walked to wherever they were going.  Vendors all along the way were selling food and other items.

I came through Moab, which looks like an unattractive little town dumped in the most spectacular scenery of rock formtions.  I never did think I would want to spend any time here, although for a lot of sportsmen/women there is a lot to offer.

My destination this evening was Green River, Utah and I am settled comfortably in a nice motel.  To counteract the hours I sat in the driver's seat I took a walk to a local restaurant for my dinner. 

Tomorrow I will be driving down the Colorado Plateau, and with any luck I should get some nice pictures.  I took one after Moab, and sorry about the sign that I didn't realize got in the way.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I will be just one state away from home by evening.  


  1. Sorry you missed the rock, but that does sound like awful traffic!

  2. I was hoping you weren't going to say it was funeral, like the one I got stuck behind in Mammoth, AZ coming home. At least you could turn around and go another way. I couldn't since I didn't know another way.

  3. At least you got to see one arch. This government shutdown has spoiled a lot of people's plans. :(

  4. I know about 'home' fever. It kept me going halfway across New Mexico and on in to Phoenix. I almost stopped and did a happy dance on the side of the road when I crossed into Arizona, but I was too tired. Guess I see this as home now.

  5. I really am anxious to get to AZ. Tuesday seems so far away. If I could, I'd talk Jim into doing the whole 325 miles tomorrow. The traffic must have been horrendous -glad you turned around and found a different way.

  6. Make sure you have a full tank of gas. I remember a lot of signs west of Green River saying no services for a hundred or more miles. Utah has some beautiful scenery. Too bad you can't stay around longer to take some scenic drives.

  7. I like your picture, even with the sigh. Maybe you could crop off the bottom if you want the sigh gone.

  8. Sorry, made a couple of typos. I meant sign instead of sigh.

  9. I've always wanted to go to the Navajo Nation Fair. I might have just pulled over in the middle and walked on in. :-))