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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Before and after

I finally got my hair cut this afternoon.


I was glad to finally have gotten the cut, although it will possibly require more work on my part to keep it looking ok - blow drying, mousse, hair spray, etc.  

I drove to Steve & Meg's house after the haircut - terrible traffic most of the way.  They moved while I was on my trip and this is the first time I've seen their house - really love it.  I'm watching Liam tomorrow since Steve is out of town and Meg has to go to work.  I arrived at dusk and look forward to the views in the sunlight tomorrow morning - maybe I can get some pictures.

While we were sitting in the living room talking this evening, Jake the cat jumped on my lap and wanted some lovin'.  I laughed and said, "I don't even like cats, but this one is sort of sweet".  Meg thinks that cats gravitate to me because I ignore them and am not threatening.  Whatever - Jake sure sat here a long time and let me scratch his sweet little head.


  1. Your hair look great Gypsy. I recently got a shorter haircut too but it was by accident. I had a really bad cut from a hairdresser here in Arizona when we first arrived for the winter. I am getting used to it though.

    Yes it seems cats will do that. Gravitate to the people that don't like them. It was nice of you to accommodate it though.

  2. Good looking haircut. You look much younger ;-)

  3. Lookin' good. I keep mine so short I don't need to do anything with it. Works for me. My sister is allergic to cats and they just love her to death. But they usually don't sit and let people scratch them for too long. So independent.

  4. I like your hair cut but don't tell me to get one (grin). That cat was good judge of character. It knew you were a nice person.

  5. I know hair cuts are a big deal for ladies, but every time Anneke needs one on the road, I start to feel stress. Glad you are happy with yours:)

  6. like your cut! my blog didn't update this post! so I missed your haircut news ...