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Friday, October 11, 2013


An anonymous reader commented:

"Your ranting at the Federal Government is misplaced. They have not opened the parks. A few States have decided to open the parks and pay for them (like Utah).

If you're going to rant it is always a good thing to get your facts right."

Dear commenter, I think your facts aren't exactly right either.  The States can't DECIDE to open the parks - they must be allowed by the federal govt to open the parks, and it is implicit that the states would have to pay for the operation.

What I don't think is fair is the uneven application of the shutdown if individual states (who may be better off financially) can be authorized to open parks within their borders, while other states are not.  

I firmly believe that all parks should be open or that all parks should remain closed, not a piece-meal operation.  I also don't believe the states should have any say in the matter of national parks.

I am not going to say anything further about this matter.  It will eventually be resolved, although a lot of people will be hurt financially in the meantime.  It's only yours or my viewpoint which side is right in this whole mess, and we all have the right to hold our own opinions.

Back to what this blog is mainly focused on, and that is TRAVEL.  I'm nowhere near ready to get back out on the road, but I'm already studying maps in anticipation of my next camping trip.  I hope to get up north to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest within the next few months, but if the weather gets too cold I may camp somewhere closer to home.  I sure do miss Lady, as she was always ready to go camping.  I always got her food, bowls, etc. together first, and then my own gear, to assure her that she was included.  Oh well, it is much easier in so many ways to be a true solo although I'd rather have company.


  1. As you know... I'm not an anonymous comment allower ... pretty sure that's a word...

    Unless they sign their name after such a comment, they are cowards ~

    I recently had someone named Kitty Kiss ... make a comment. Since I don't allow anonymous comments, I strongly suspect the person who wanted to STRONGLY disagree with me couldn't help himself and ... well, it's easy to get an alias. I can tell his writing style.

    Why are people such cowards...

    ... what intrigues me, as it does with this mindset... is how in the living breathing hell do these people think such a thing and what point did they want to make. what was his/her point? don't blame the federal government? ... blame the states? wth

    California is one that can not afford to … among others as you stated.

    I would assume that mindset subscribes to the French Monarchy's epitaph ~ let the little people eat cake ~

    not a direct quote but the gist ... ;)

    HAHAaa already planning another trip ... that gypsy blood is strong... innit

  2. Go, Gypsy, Go!! I bet you sure do miss your dog. I don't know what I would do without ours. I still miss my Buttons and get tears in my eyes when thinking about her and how much I miss her. Still have three left.

  3. Maybe it's time to think about getting a new traveling companion, get him/her trained and used to riding in the car, and then you'll be ready to go. Especially if you get an adult rescue dog.

    My understanding of Arizona's situation is that Obama finally agreed to let AZ open the Grand Canyon, super expensive for them, BUT then they have to give all proceeds to the Federal Government. Utah, too, but they can afford it more, I guess. The Feds are a bunch of Jerks, from the top to the bottom. :(

  4. Glad you're thinking about another adventure. I have to agree with Barbara - an adult rescue would be a wonderful option. Even though traveling without a dog is a lot easier.