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Monday, April 9, 2012

Wells, NV

I left home at 7:15 am and arrived here in Wells at 3:00 pm. It was a tiring day for some reason - I-80 to Reno was aggravating because of a few drivers on that roadway, but the road surface was better than I've ever seen it. The aggravation came when I was driving in the right lane and cars approach in the left lane - most go past me and there is no problem. If I am coming up behind a vehicle that is going slower than I am then I need to pass, but inevitably one of the guys in the left lane hovers too close for me to cut in, and long enough for me to have to hit my brakes. It happened several times and I wonder if it is a deliberate thing. I shouted a lot of 4-letter words in that 100+ miles.

Reno and Sparks, NV are always a bother to get through, but once you leave Sparks behind there is very little traffic on I-80 through the rest of Nevada. I made a couple of rest area stops as well as to get fuel. For some reason Nevada hasn't held the enchantment for me that the last several trips through it have had.

For several days before I travel I notice that I become very unsettled, unfocused, and distant. I should say that I do this when I travel alone, which is mostly how I travel. This time the pre-trip jitters were probably worse than normal, but I thought once I got on the road things would be as always. I wonder if I'm just tired of traveling alone. I really don't want to be bound to compromises with anyone, so it's always best when I'm alone, but I am tired of it. The thing is that I HAVE to travel. When the song of the open road plays over and over in your mind, there is only one help for it, and that is to pack up whatever vehicle you travel in, put it in gear, and take off.

Whatever it is I hope I wake up with a different attitude tomorrow. I will be driving through Salt Lake City, an ok city but one that I have never liked to drive through. I think it is a combination of traffic and the signage that has always bothered me. Oddly, about the only city I have always enjoyed driving through no matter what the traffic is like, is Albuquerque. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that SLC will be a breeze to get through.

I had breakfast at son Joe's yesterday morning, and dinner at daughter Jeannie's house. Having had brunch on Saturday with Steve and his family, I have had a chance to be with all 3 of my California kids before my trip.

I didn't take any photos today as the light just wasn't the best. The Sierras were a big disappointment - not a heavy snow cover in the mountains - and Nevada has been in a haze the whole way through. Scenes that used to perk me up looked like they were behind a fog curtain, so there is no reason to waste the time to try to take pictures. I have three cameras with me and hope I get to use them. Maybe Utah will deliver! (But not SLC - I just want to get in and outta there.)

Maybe I'll cheer up before I post tomorrow. Music today would have helped but I forgot CD's and cassette tapes I intended to bring along. I scanned the radio several times, and usually only two stations came in clear - both of them preachers. I'd rather listen to the silence!


  1. Oh, travel & no music, does not go together :( I always go 80 when i go to Iowa. Do u have trouble finding a room that will take a dog?

  2. I think it sounds as if it's to start the day off with your happy mantra to set the tone and outlook for the day :) It could make all the difference in how you perceive things. Happy travels :) Joyce

  3. I think the first little while on the road, we get a little overwhelmed with all the preparations we have made to actually leave home. Once the trip begins, it takes a while to transition into actually travelling. You go over what you have done right and the things that didn't get packed even though you did your best to get it all right.

    But its all behind you now, and perhaps focusing on all the things that you plan to do as you reach the various destinations will help in letting the wondrous enjoyment of the journey take over your psychic.

  4. Hope tomorrow will be better. If you see a dollar store stop and pick up a cd or 2. When I drive through the moutains I need quiet. Those hair pin turns can make for a nerve racking trip. After that I need the music to calm down.

  5. A truck stop will have cheap DVD's, grab a couple and your music will be there.When you get where your going download some..Glad to see the trip is going fine.Eight days before we leave for Fla. be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  6. Ahhhh just sing songs yourself! Crow at the top of your lungs!!!

    Start with The Happy Wanderer, and work into Willie's On The Road Again, and maybe wind up with the theme from Moving On. You can keep yourself entertained for miles and miles------

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. I have been having ridiculous amounts of trouble with my wifi (why did I ever switch from the aircard)but I know I commented on this blog because I too get sick to death of all the religious programming on the radio all over the country. Anyway, the post clearly disappeared, glad I checked. And glad to see you "on the road again."

  8. I too am the same in the days up to travelling and not having music. I am fine after a few days away from home base, but for such a long trip, far from home, I worry myself to pieces about what I am forgetting. I don't want to have to use my mad money to replace essentials.

    As for the radio preachers - oh lordy, lordy is all I can say. heehee It is so hard to find a station in an unknown part of your travels, but to have that as your only choice, bah! I agree that you should take a moment or two to see if you can find a few cheap CDs to add to your collection at home. At least you will have something to listen to instead of silence. I once listened to the GoGos for 8 hours straight on a nonstop trip to SC because it was the only CD I had remembered to bring. I still actually have the CD and like it. :)

    Safe travels and happy trails. :)

  9. I hear you about the compromises vs. traveling alone. It does get tiring.

  10. I don't normally like the radio going when travelling but hubby does. When we do we listen to Talk Shows except Rush Limbaugh!!It is always the religious stations that come through the clearest.

  11. I would prefer total silence to preaching or religious channels anyday. I gave up on commercial radio about 5 years ago & went with Sirius satellite radio. My kinda music 24/7 with no yappy announcers or brain dead stupid commercials. Come to think of it, most of those ram jam announcers are totally brain dead as well.