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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Springtime in New York

It is so nice to be back in New York, where today and tomorrow will be in the pleasant sunny 70's. That is my kind of weather.

I luxuriated in the shower this morning - my son and d-i-l have a water softener and the water is pure bliss. I know a lot of people complain about feeling like they still have soap on their skin, but it's difficult to get used to "clean" after using water that leaves mineral deposits. I especially love washing my hair in soft water, and have a load of laundry going right now - it makes a difference in that as well.

Walking Lady was so pleasant - the road is rural and surrounded with trees, a creek, hills, and in general, is what you should think of when you think of New York. Most people just think of New York City, which is a wonderful place like no other in the world, and I hope I can get there for at least a day this trip, but most of the state is entirely different. I could easily live here if all my kids were close by.

I fueled up the car this morning and was able to compute my mileage for the trip - 29.4mpg. I had sort of hoped it would top 30, but found that most of the way across country the fuel has ethanol added. Plus, I understand that some states add something during the summer months that reduces mileage. I don't know what it is, but I sure hope it is a plus for the environment if it's going to lower my miles per gallon.

My trip odometer has 3035 miles on it, but the actual trip was 3016. I reset the counter to zero the night before I left CA after fueling the tank. I used 102.6 gallons of fuel which cost me $445.67; lodging for 6 nights was $242.97. I spent 3 nights at my brother's house in Milwaukee. I think the tolls cost me $21+, but I can't see the breakout for some reason. I checked this morning but didn't write down the amount posted against my again because it still didn't have yesterday's bridge toll of $2.50 included. $21 plus change sounds right. I would have to go back to last year's entries to see whether I mentioned tolls, but I'm almost sure they were in the neighborhood of $35. The I Pass is well worth using no matter if the cost is the same as throwing money in at all the toll booths. NOTE: I checked and rechecked my figures but won't say unequivocally they are exact. An accountant out there will undoubtedly find a small error, at least I hope it's only a small one.

I see that google has made good on its promise to force everyone to use it's new and improved look. I have either deleted or forward to my aol account all but 3 messages in gmail, and deleted all the trash, sent mail, etc. I'm fed up with google and wonder how long before blogger does the same with its new look. You would think at least they would get feedback from the people using their programs, but they don't, nor does anyone else with a website. I love my credit union and have been with them since I was about 18 yrs old. For years they did their own website and account monitoring program, but now they have an outside company doing it. Of course they have to constantly change it to prove how diligently they are working. I hate it. I guess if I signed on at this point I wouldn't know any different, but they should take into account the preferences of people who actually have to use the program.


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying NY. You are there in a great time of year to see spring come. Definitely enjoy!!


  2. Actually, most successful companies do research on what people like - that's why they are successful.

    Obviously, you would reject any change whatsoever but you are only one voice and not necessarily in the majority.

    As for Bloggers new look, it's a lot easier to follow and is getting great reviews from the majority of users.

    What is your source for saying Blogger does not get feedback nor does anyone else with a website? Blogger has huge followings in their online forums where they receive thousands of comments each day. They monitor it closely and have employees dedicated to answering questions and complaints.

  3. We love our Ipass. It's a few dollars less if you have the card instead of paying cash. We use it when we go to Chicago.

    I'm so thankful you had a great trip, sure was scary with all the storms so far this year. Have a great time!

  4. I wonder where the other "anonymous" commentator has been lurking? Of all the bloggers I follow, I haven't encountered one who was happy with the google changes! I'm thinking maybe this person works for google?

    Enjoy immensely following your blog. So many times you think exactly as I do! It's fun. Thanks. Rose

  5. So glad you are safe and sound..Sounds like you had a good trip. Enjoy!!

  6. Nice to hear you made it without any problems.
    Enjoy your stay.

  7. I'm so glad that you made that long trip safe and sound. I bet that Springtime in NY is beautiful. Here at Garner S P, there are still some wild flowers, but most are spent and the Bluebonnets have gone to seed. Now they can start mowing. ENJOY!!!! your visit with family.

  8. GMail let me go back again last time I was on at home, and hasn't changed me here at work (same account, different computers). I have let them know I do not want the new look and why.