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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arrival in Dutchess Co. NY

As much as I wanted to sleep in this morning, I couldn't sleep. I got up at 7:30 and with all the slow motion I went through, left the motel at 8:45. I arrived at my destination at 12 Noon. I brought a lot of my things into the house, and took a 2 hr nap this afternoon.

The drive from Binghamton goes through the Catskills, is scenic, and not heavily traveled. It is a divided highway (Rte 17) which is eventually being incorporated into the interstate system. The interstate part has a 65 mph speed limit, but the state speed limit is 55, so I was constantly resetting my cruise control. Most NY drivers move along well in excess of the speed limit, but I did see quite a few pulled over by the state police. I am certainly not about to get dinged for speeding!

I met one of the neighbors walking her Yorkie, Vickie (for Victoria's Secret) when I took Lady out. I swear the dog is in a yorkie costume, but she can't be that breed because she didn't bark once! At first Lady didn't want anything to do with her, and Vicki sort of was afraid of Lady. I think they might become good friends eventually. A man further down the road walked out into his front yard with his Boxer, but we will take one dog at a time.

The neighbor gave me a lot of info about the tick problem in this area, and I have ordered a collar from CanadaVets that paralyzes the ticks and makes them fall off. The northeast is heavily infested in ticks, in part due to the development of what were once rural areas. Now they can't burn leaves or brush, and the ticks are never controlled. I have always been pretty unconcerned for myself regarding ticks, but I think I might become more aware - usually I just scratch my scalp and brush through my hair, and let it go at that. I brush the dog after her walks and hope that dislodges any of them before they have a chance to burrow, plus she is on Frontline treatment for fleas and ticks.

The adjoining property is an 80 acre parcel, entirely in woods, with a sizable deer population. The deer walk through the yards usually twice a day, eat any flowers you might want to grow and are generally just a cute nuisance. They carry ticks, so while they are still cute, they are way more than a nuisance.

Debbie also recommended a local vet in case I need one, plus gave me the location of a locally owned store for pet products. I will call the vet tomorrow to find out about boarding Lady for the graduation weekend in PA.

I'm ready for another nap, but my grandsons will be home soon so I'd better be quick about it. The only info I can remember about the trip is that I drove 3,035 miles from home to here, and took 10 days to get here, requiring six motel stops. I am so tired of driving, but will go to a nearby station to top up the gas tank tomorrow. I think I did pretty well on mileage.


  1. That Lyme's disease is nothing to take for granted. Glad you are taking precautions.

  2. Glad you made it to your destination!

  3. Glad to hear you arrived safely. That's a long way to come.

    You have to feel a little sorry for the deer, being displaced from their homes by us. They do need some predators which we have also displaced. Things seem to get out of balance when we move in.

  4. Picked up a tick in Michigan a few years back & found him a few days later in Colorado imbedded in the back of my leg. I had quite a time getting that thing unattached. They are not something to fool with. Happy to hear you reached your destination:))

  5. Enjoyed our trip,,lol. We have ticks here too, and if in woods do look for them.

  6. I can see why you are tired of driving, that is a lot of driving in 10 days. I don't drive that many miles per day. Have fun with your family.