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Friday, April 20, 2012

I have been thinking about the route I took through western NY to get here, and how it is steeped in Revolutionary War history. You can look into the trees, hillsides, meadows, and forests and just imagine what it must have been like back in those days. Even here in Dutchess County, which sits between the Hudson River and the state of CT, are numerous traces of history, including the Old Post Road. I am planning to try to follow it one of these days, at least as far as Hyde Park and the FDR library and museum. There were several Post Roads - one ran from Manhattan to Boston - and ran along old Indian trails in some places, through dark forests. It must have been frightening to a man who rode a horse carrying the mail from NY to Boston, or in the case of the one here in this county, it once connected lower Manhattan with Albany. I've also been interested in some of the names that seem to get a lot attention from visitors, for example, Fishkill, which is either a Township, Village, City, or Hamlet, and I can never remember the difference. In the case of Fishkill and E. Fishkill, it may be more than one of those definitions. The word "kill" is the Dutch word for stream or creek, and fishkill was originally called vis-kill by the Dutch. I've also gone through Beaverkill, Wallkill, and while I didn't go through it, I have heard of Peekskill. Peek may have been a person who owned the land on which that particular kill ran through, or maybe not. It is interesting that the organization PETA was trying to get Fishkill renamed to something less offensive in their eyes, but I don't think that would go anywhere. It is a perfectly good name and if anything, there should be more publicity on the meaning rather than just ditching it. Last night I attended a T-Ball game that my oldest grandson played in. It is so cute to watch, and I remember when his daddy and his uncle played. There are really no rules and the coaches just introduce the boys to the concept. Each team puts all its players up to bat, they swing until they hit the ball and then advance base by base, but usually just one base at a time. No home runs. The outfielders all converge on the ball and probably never get it to first base. When each player has had a turn, then the other team does the same thing, and this goes on for 3 "innings". The outfielders switch positions as the game goes on so each gets a chance to see the game from different vantage points. Also, no score is kept because, of course, they all score a run. I am now switched to the new and improved blogger, and have made several attempts to load some pictures but to no avail. I am fed up with Google, and I don't care if anyone disagrees with me or not. After I published I took a look and it seems they don't recognize paragraphs, but it is just one long rant. I wish someone could tell me how it is improved. Lady is perking up, by the way. She is still an old dog, but she seems to be doing a little better - the two grandsons are trying to make sure she is getting exercised and brushed. And this morning we met Bosley the boxer who lives down the street. He and Lady just checked each other out, but I think they might become friends.


  1. Finally getting caught on m'blogs! aw... T-Ball... I remember it well... so cute.

    I love upper state New York - the Finger Lakes Region and well... all that area. Connecticut... beautiful stuff.

    I sang America the Beutiful most of the day today while driving... this country we call home is absolutely breathtaking!

  2. I would be interested in somebody explaining to me as well how they think Google has improved. Maybe in some things but certainly not all & certainly not in the areas I am or had been familiar with.....

  3. Dontcha' just love T ball. Back when it was simple and insane parents didn't yell at the coaches and the kids. Favorite memories.

    So nice for you and Lady to be there with your family. She is probably happy to out of the car and settled and have two little boys to play with. :D

    And if you don't mind I will whole heartedly agree with you on Blogger. It is so aggravating. They want me to now PAY to post pics on my blog. Seems I used up all my space in "Picasa" but it won't let IN Picasa to delete the pics that are there. Blah, blah, blah. I refuse to pay for what they said was free just because NOW they decide it is time to make a profit. No thanks.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs to you my friend. [Oh! And love the trivia on "kill". I did not know that. And yes, leave it to PETA to be so silly stupid about the whole thing & Fishkill.]

  4. Yeah, I just posted yesterday from the 'new' Blogger and had the same paragraph issue. I'm going to look at WordPress and any other blogging software and see what is available that isn't so 'improved'.

    My pictures are on PhotoBucket. It is free, and it can be used to post pictures on Blogger as well.

    I'll be backing up my blog(s) - I have an old one on LiveJournal - and then I may move.

  5. Wow, i don't have any of those problems with google. I do use Windows Live Photo to do pics and blogs when i have em.
    Don't know about paragraphs cause i always skip a line.

  6. I'm not having any problems posting with the new Blogger either. Your post is the only one I've seen with a paragraph issue.

  7. I received an email from a fellow blogger asking me to have a look at this paragraph issue.

    The answer to correcting the paragraph problem is pretty simple. When writing your post, you must be in 'Compose' mode not 'HTML'. The option is at the very top left hand side of the page. Just highlight 'Compose' instead of HTML and paragraphs will format correctly - so will photos!

    There is the same Compose/HTML feature in the old dashboard as well - it's always been there.

    Writing in HTML mode requires specific knowledge of html editing codes.