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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Milwaukee, WI

I left Altoona, IA in a terrible rain, before daylight on Friday. There was very little traffic and in fact I drove for long periods of time without seeing another vehicle in either direction. I am so glad I went through the midwest without delay because I see that the weather there has turned from bad to worse. The light traffic lasted until I got into Illinois and then it was tense driving the rest of the way.

I stopped at the Illinois Welcome Center and almost wished I hadn't! It was a full mile back to the rest area, around winding roads through the woods. I finally got there and found a very modern wooden building that perfectly fit in with the surroundings, but it was unmanned and I didn't meet a soul there. Since it had been raining heavily when we left the hotel and it was very early morning, I just put Lady right into the car. When we stopped at this lovely rest area I finally let her wander around and sniff the grass for a while, and then it was back on the road for a tense couple of hours drive.

I took a couple of photos of the Mississippi River from the rest area, but since it was raining I didn't walk down to any closer views.

I am enjoying the visit with family, and the drive to Chicago yesterday where we visited my Aunt in the rehab center, and then on to my cousin's house in Bensenville. My aunt is 85 and has just had a leg removed because of a blood clot. They are trying to get her strong enough to be able to use a prosthetic leg, but I heard from my cousin that the doctors think the other leg doesn't look good, so I think she is in for a difficult time.

It's great to relax in the evenings and just catch up on what has been happening in our lives. When my brother and s-i-l return from church this morning we will meet my niece and her family for a breakfast at a local restaurant, and then I will need to get prepared to leave tomorrow for NY. I think I will run into more rain tomorrow, but I'll just deal with what comes.

Yesterday while we were still in Illinois we found a place that sells the iPass, and I bought one since it can also be used on toll roads in Ohio, Indiana and NY. That will avoid all the toll booth stops, and I can top it up online or by phone if I need to. Any remaining amount doesn't expire and can be used on my next trip.


  1. I have an I-pass for the rig and the car. Came in handy last summer, and will again the next time I'm up in that neck of the woods.

  2. Too bad you can't ferry across lake Michigan......... A wandering thought, LOL...

  3. Glad you GT out ahead of all the tornadoes.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. Getting older is a real b&^%*. She looks very good in the picture and You look great.

    I pass sounds like a good idea. I haven't ventured around Chicago or anywhere within miles and miles of NYC. You are a brave one.

  5. I don't envy you having to deal with all the heavy Eastern seaboard traffic now.

  6. Jeez I hate getting old stuff ... she sure looks good though! So do you .... ah traffic and storms ... was in a storm most of this day ... Surely would not have driven in it especially in Chicago!

  7. The iPass is a great deal and makes your travelling a bit easier. All good.

    You Aunt looks wonderful, your family is so youthful looking. I am so, so sorry to hear about her one leg and now the other. That will be very hard for her I am sure, but if it is for the best then I guess it has to be done. Good thoughts for you all.

    Happy the weather is cooperating, as much as it can, so far. It is great that you are coming this way now, before summer vacation begins and the traffic turns crazy. It is a nice time to travel here because the weather is usually very pretty, we have nice springs for the most part, clear and cool and there is no one clogging in your way. They are all still at work and school. :) Fingers crossed that it [and the weather] remain in your favor.

    Thank you so much for sharing. We are really enjoying you journal. :)

  8. gosh you are only 120 miles away from me right now.. but I am too far north out of your way to meet up!

    Travel safe and have fun!!!!