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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying Word Press

Since I received the dreaded notice that Blogger is switching permanently to the new interface during the next month, I decided it was time to get serious about looking for an alternative. Thanks to Barbara of Me and My Dog I re-read her post about switching to Word Press and decided to try it. Exporting the posts and comments from Blogger was easy enough, and they were soon available in Word Press. When I attempted to do some tweaking, however, the glow soon faded. For example, an important thing to me is to use a slightly larger font size, and to use the bold feature. My eyesight isn't what it once was, and although I know a lot of readers can see much better than I can, I think there may be enough seniors out there who appreciate an easier to read font.

Everything in Word Press, including all the helps and instructions, seem to be in a grey color print rather than black. I have tons of trouble with that. I found that I can customize the fonts, but at a charge of $30 per year (I'm writing this from memory, but I'm nearly sure that's what the charge is.) There is probably a big advantage in paying for the premium subscription rather than using free, but I don't feel my blog warrants the cost. If I had a business going on the side, or maybe if my focus was a bit different, it might be worth it. I'm just writing a plain journal-type blog, and those who find some of what I write to be of interest will read it. I have a site meter widget but find that I rarely look at it on a daily basis, so I'm not writing to rack up the number of readers or comments.

Which brings me to another point I'd rather not even discuss, but I feel I have to say it even though it probably won't change anything. That is, I am well aware that not everyone likes me or my blog. So DON'T READ IT! Is that concept so hard to comprehend? I know several of us have been plagued with comments that are full of ridicule and sarcasm, and I don't understand why those commenters can't just get a life and read only blogs they enjoy.

Back to Word Press vs Blogger, I think I could make the switch except for the cost of making it easier to read for me and whomever else out there appreciates a bit of help. At least I now have a duplicate blog with nearly all my posts should Blogger decide to delete my account. I have heard several folks say they went to their blog one day to find it had been closed or deleted by Blogger, and I sure don't want to lose my several years of efforts in that manner although I can't imagine why Blogger would even do that. I do back up my Blogger account from time to time, but I'm not sure how I would go about opening the backup into a form that is readable unless it would be to import it into another blogging program.

I didn't go to soccer this morning and I feel bad about it, but I am cold and it is windy outside. I have been cold the past few days, and sometimes have trouble getting enough air into my lungs, so I'm staying out of the elements for today.

When I posted my pictures several weeks ago of the space shuttle Challenger, I had no idea that NASA would be sending shuttles to DC, LA and NY. I just felt a push to scan and post those pictures. The shuttle flew into NY yesterday and though I didn't get to see it, they showed a few seconds of it against the NY skyline on the news.

I've mentioned that I'm not all that interested in planes, but I had another experience back in the 1980's when the Concorde flew into San Francisco. I was at the annual Corps of Engineers picnic which was held in a mid-town park, and all of the sudden I looked up to see an immense plane flying so low, and so slow, and so quietly, that it was almost surreal. I think they had to take measures to avoid the sonic booms and noise while going into SFO, which is 100+ miles from Sacramento. It was a beautiful sight, like a gigantic bird soaring just above the treetops.


  1. I'm looking around, too. I may try setting up a custom blog on my old website that is just gathering dust (and the monthly fee...). I keep looking at Wordpress, but just haven't felt the urge to pull the trigger and head there yet. Thanks for your comments, I will keep that all in mind as I look around.

  2. Gypsy, I feel pretty much about like you about WordPress. I considered it, but I'm now used to the new blogger platform. I cannot figure out how to back it up--save it to my hard drive. I'm hoping Rick will chime in on one of his blogs and have a solution. I saved mine, but it came up in an unreadable format. Like you, I write it for myself, but would hate to lose it.

    I did, at one time, save it in readable format a year or so ago, but I can't for the life of me remember how.

  3. I just backed up my Blog. This morning Rick (http://rickpaulettervjournal.blogspot.ca/) had instructions on his Blog on how to do it. It was quite easy.
    I hope you get things sorted out. I really enjoy your Blog. You are right to tell the nay-sayers to just not read it. Enjoy yourself ☺

  4. I can't remember how i put my 2011 blogs onto a flash drive either. Going to rick's to check that out.
    I won't comment on any wordpress blogs, cause you have to sign in with your life story. lol.
    Have you noticed,,,all the vile comments come from,,,anonymous? hahahahaha won't even sign a name.

  5. Why in the world would anyone not like you or your blog? I guess they must have some problem of their own and enjoy taking it out on others. I don't think I've had a bad comment, honestly it would really bother me. Hate to say that, but it would. I think I'd delete it and move on. Otherwise it would always be there, and I don't think I'd give them that space on my blog comments.

    Glad you got the blog backed up on Word Press. Like you, I prefer Blogger for now, but it's nice to know the back-up is there.

  6. Why can't word be used for writing posts and then copy and past? I use word to write the blog and copy and past. If I have pictures, I copy the part above the picture and then insert the picture, then past the rest. If more than one picture, I break up my copy/past parts to fit between or before or after the pictures.

  7. o DD, that's WHY,,so much trouble...lololol. i want one click.

  8. Gypsy I agree 199 % with everything you said about blogger and thank you so much for making your font easier to read. It is a godsend to some of us, not so much we have tired/older eyes, but we do have poor eyesight. I don't see the point in paying for Wordpress - I am the same way. I am just journaling and although we like it [my family] paying for it doesn't make sense. And now they want me to pay to post pictures. BAH. They keep changing the rules. Oh well.

    It has been chilly, chilly cold here too. It is all I can do to walk the dog I am cold to the bone. I just wish it would warm up already. [sound like a broken record I know.]

    We were lucky and were able to see the shuttle fly into Dulles about a week ago and then watch it fly out to New York yesterday. Pretty cool to live that close.

    Good luck getting it all sorted and please feel better soon. It doesn't sound good with the congestion in your chest Grandma. :/

  9. PS - Who in the world would leave vile or mean comments on YOUR blog? I mean besides anonymous. Seriously, you are the least controversial, most fun blogger I read. I adore you.

    You just let me know next time. Skippy go get'em for ya'. Me and all your faithful followers I am sure! :D

  10. Well, I LOVE you and I LOVE your blog... so there!

    I think Mr. Anonymous has made the rounds of leaving nasty comments on blogs. I set mine so I have to approve them all before they show up on my blog.

    At first I thought it was my ex-husband doing it, but now it might be someone that knows all of us?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. I think our Blogland's Mr Sourgrapes Anonymous has temporarily backed off my blog because he knows I know who he is. And I think Karen might be catching on too.
    Think I'll just stay with Blogger simply because I don't have the patience to start all over learning another blogging format. I find Live Writer & Blogger seem to work well together. Well so far anyway........

  12. I have both Word Press and Blogger. The Word Press is my private blog. Somehow Blogger - even though I had all the settings fixed for privacy... let my private blog go public!

    I almost had a cow! that's where all the mean me can come out and play.

    I'm finding Blogger getting easier. I haven't had any problems. Just trying to see where they want this an that now! I'm okay with it.

    That plane business is awesome! what a feeling that must have been.

    It's cold in Estes Park too ... supposed to get down to 28ยบ tonight. Glad I'm in a motel!

  13. I too have my blog set so that I have to approve all comments and post them before they are added. So if the nasty annonymous comes my way, s/he won't see the light of day. Thanks for your experiences with wordpress & blogger. You know how I feel about the latter.

  14. The new blogger isn't all that hard. At first it threw me then I looked it over and moved on. It just changed where things went to mostly to the top,when you hit post then it gets a little scarey but I found the read part. You'll do fine.
    BTW I like reading your post. There seems to be a jerk no matter what or where we are. Just delete it.

  15. Why heck yes, its your blog and you can delete any comments no matter who puts them on there.!!!!!!

    I looked at word press, but went back to blogger. And even though I didn't like the new dashboard, I am overcoming the learning curve and haven't attempted to go back to the old.

  16. Why not go all WikiLeak on Anonymous and blow his cover? Pretty easy to be nasty when you're a stealthy wuss-dog.

    The Good Luck Duck