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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leaving soon?

I decided today to possibly leave early Monday morning, maybe before daylight, and get a start on the traffic. I am not sure yet whether to go I-80 or US 50E - I'd much rather drive on 50 but the roads could be bad the closer I get to Lake Tahoe. And then there is always the crazy traffic around sll the condos & resorts. My aim is to arrive in Milwaukee on Friday, and spend the weekend there with family.

I was just taking my time with all I have to do before departure, so now I need to hustle! I vacuumed the car this afternoon, but forgot to do the cargo area and it probably needs it the most, so I'll have to drag my small portable vacuum out again, maybe tomorrow.

I also started to pack, and I think I'm taking too many clothes, but I can't decide what to leave out. It's one thing when you are going on a 2-week vacation, but I'll be away for way longer than that.

I doubt that I will do any more scanning before I leave, but I might.


  1. You sure are courageous to drive by yourself across the nation. I am looking forward to your Blog posts.

  2. I am also husseling to get ready and get things done but I still have to wait until the last follow up for my eye on the 16th and early on the 17th I will pull out also.

  3. have a safe trip! Looking forward to your posts about your trip.

  4. All the best on your upcoming trip Gypsy. It's a bit of a traffic mad house out there which I am sure you are well aware of. Got to keep a very close eye on the weather this time of year along that route you have planned. Don't want to get yourself spun up in a big swirling tornado along the way.....

  5. We will be here at the ranch until the 19th of April,If you do decide on I-70 you have our e-mail address and let us know we can put you up at our place in the fiver. If not maybe on your way back. We would love to see you and Lady. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. Wow! I'm surprised you are leaving so soon but it's great to be able to just make up your mind and go. Safe travels!!