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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Binghamton, NY - Last stop

Last night I turned off my computer, the TV, and the lights at shortly after 7 pm, and didn't get up until 6:00 this morning. I had planned to take a shower in the morning, but couldn't get myself to step into that tub. It just didn't look like it had been rinsed properly, so I decided to forgo it and have a nice warm shower tonight or in the morning. Left Toledo at 7 am and after a quick stop for gas I drove pretty steadily with only short rest and fuel stops.

Ohio has beautiful roads, especially the Ohio Turnpike. But they have section after section designated as road work areas, with a corresponding reduction in the speed limit. I only saw one crew actually on the road the entire way across Ohio; most were in the median, which was protected by concrete barriers between the median and the roadway. Even at that there were few crews or machinery in the median. I just don't understand it, but having driven safely from California to that point, I didn't intend to get a speeding ticket so I slowed down when they told me to.

Actually after I got away from the Toledo and Cleveland areas there was very little traffic. I was happy to enter Pennsylvania, which is beautiful in any season. The trees aren't yet in leaf but I did see some with buds that were ready to turn. I love the way the trees are close to the road, sort of up close and personal. In New York, they are set back on the rolling hills for the most part. Both states are gorgeous! New York's road are smooth as well, except for a couple of counties.

Lady ate her food last night, probably since I added a bit of wet food to the bowl. A few nights back she managed to lick the kibble clean and then left it, so she had dry food until she finally ate it the last night we were in Milwaukee. First thing when I get to my destination is to find someplace I can buy Cosequin for her. If I can find a Petco I'll compare the price of Cosequin to the pills I had been giving her - I know they work and won't try anything else unless it is cheaper. The poor thing can barely bend her back legs, which makes it difficult to do much of anything.

The I Pass has been wonderful. One real advantage is that your pass is charged less than you would have to pay at the toll booths. I just checked my account but they haven't yet posted the Ohio Turnpike charges, so I will share the total when it is all in. I get to use it once more, at the Newburgh Bridge in NY.

Fuel has been under $4 a gallon all the way to NY, but the lower prices are over and done with for now. I hate to think of what it will be by mid-summer. I also notice the motel charges are way lower than last year when I traveled in April, and I would expect them to be higher in summer as well.

I have a very comfortable room here in Binghamton, and the shower was the first thing I checked. I actually had to enter by an end door, but the rooms have double sliding doors and I parked directly in front. You can't lock them from the outside, so I don't walk Lady very far. It sure is convenient when bringing things to and from the car. Great trip so far, and I only remember the good parts!


  1. I spent 18 years living not so far from Binghamton. Love the hills along the Susquehanna. :)

  2. So sorry to hear about Lady and hope you can get something to make her feel better. You are just moving right along and making good time. Continued safe travels to you both.

  3. You're only about 5 hours from me! We've traveled that road from Cleveland to Syracuse so often I could almost do it with my eyes closed.

    So sorry about Lady. Hope you find something to make her feel better. It's been a tough year for dogs!

  4. Maybe it is because you two haven't been getting exercise while you have been on the road, that Lady is stiff.

    You can buy people Glucosamin and/or fish oil capsules at any store, even Dollar General, and use it for pets, too. I puncture the capsules to put it on my dog's food. At 17 years old she still walks with a spry, happy gait.

    Dry food can also make arthritis worse.

    I hope you have safe Travels, Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny. TX

  5. I loved both NY and PA. We were there in the Fall and they were both so gorgeous. I would think Spring would also be a beautiful time. Scooter is getting stiffer so when we see her vet in Billings I'm going to ask about what to give her. But if there's a rabbit around it's amazing how that stiffness seems to disappear.

  6. If Lady is having difficulty eating kibble it could be a bad tooth as well. Always difficult watching our little Pals age. Been a very long time since I have been to any of the Eastern States but I do remember how scenic they were. Lots & lots of greenery.

  7. Ah Binghamton,your only 60 miles from my hometown of Scranton
    Pa.I should have left you know my sister still lives there and always has a room available.But she does have cats if Lady can get along with them.You should be home soon, Hope Lady improves then. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..