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Friday, April 6, 2012

Driving in mountains; printer back in service

Since I'd like to drive through the Cumberland Gap this trip, I decided to take a look at the Mountain Directory East. The Gap itself is no doubt well graded and easy to drive, but some of the roads I will take to get there are another story. Although I don't think I will drive KY-160, the Directory reports "2 miles or more of 12%, both sides of hill". WOW, is all I can say! Such a big deal is usually made of grades that are 6-8%, and I can't even imagine a 12% grade, unless maybe it would be like some of the hills in San Francisco, which I drove back in the 1980's. It is scary when you reach the top and see only sky until your car begins to tilt downward, and then you see an unbelievable drop that you have to follow through with if you don't want to hang suspended at the top. It gives you a rush, that's for sure!

I'm taking Mountain Directory East with me this time. I'd love to have the power of the diesel, but wouldn't want the width of an F-350 with duallies.

As I mentioned, I have been experiencing problems with my two printers - the monochrome laserjet (my favorite), and the all in one color inkjet (which I've never found satisfactory). I recently installed new toner in the laserjet, but then began to get a message that there was a problem with the drum. The printer is cheap enough that it would be a waste to spend money on a new drum, so it sat idle for a while.

I went to Walmart this morning to see if a transitions coating could be added to my glasses - it can't - and then looked for black printer ink for the color inkjet. The printer tells me I need to replace the black ink cartridge, while the guide showing ink levels indicates a black cartridge that is 3/4 full. Walmart had nothing for me, so I drove to Staples, and then to Costco, and found nothing.

I came back home and decided to remove the drum and maybe shake it a time or two to see if it would work. It shouldn't need replacement this soon anyway. So I opened the back of the printer and found a jammed paper, which I removed, and the printer worked fine after the jam was gone.

As far as my glasses go, I have 60 days to return them and get replacement lenses, for which I would just pay the difference. Since I got an extra discount of $35, I wonder if I would pay the difference between transitions and the original price of my lenses, or the difference between transitions and the price I actually paid. The optometrist told me I can go to any Walmart Vision Center and make the change. I don't care much at all for the Walmart near where I will be in NY, although their Vision Center is ok. I may just stay with what I have and quit trying to change things. There is a reason why I chose the lenses I have rather than something else, so I shouldn't second guess myself.

I took some pictures of my kitchen last night to send to my oldest son. The overhead light makes most of them have a yellow cast, but the first picture is more accureate as to color. I should have turned off the overhead light and retaken the pictures, but I was too tired for that.

Yesterday I bought a few things for my trip at the grocery, including two 1-gal bottles of spring water. The bottles have a plastic strap on top making it very easy to pick up and carry them. I don't like to push a cart to my car and then have to bring it back, so I carry my purchases to the car if possible. I picked up the lightweight grocery bag in my left hand, and the two bottles of water in my right. By last night I could barely move my right arm, and even went to sleep with the heating pad on it. This morning it still hurts, and I'm faced with a choice of toughing it out or taking an ibuprofen, which really irritates my stomach. So far I'm just bearing the pain. I hope it goes away before I have to start carrying things into motel rooms!


  1. Sorry about your arm. Does Tylenol bother your stomach?

    Driving in the mountains: Glad you have the mountain directories. Amicalola State Park in Georgia has a 25% grade to get up to the campground! I couldn't believe the sign! People go, though.

    People worry about the mountain roads in the west, but frankly unless you get really off the beaten path they are better engineered, in my opinion, to accommodate RVs.

    The roads you're going to take are probably not crowded so if you feel comfortable just go down in the same gear you go up in, and watch your breaking.

    I'm fortunate to have a Diesel Truck with a little trailer, so I don't know that I could do what you do.

    Just be careful. Maybe ask about the roads on the Escapee Forum. The people are great--I've never not gotten an answer to a question. Have fun.

  2. Glasses: I had my cataracts removed before I went on my trip. The eye surgeon suggested a particular type of lens saying, "If I were going to have cataract surgery, I'd opt for this kind even though they cost more than what Medicare will pay." You'll never have to bother with glasses, again.

    Big mistake.

    She would not listen when I went back and told her I couldn't see writing on a piece of paper, and I need glasses for the computer. I can see distance okay.

    I went to another eye doctor and he told me to explain in my own words what I feel my problem is. I told him I feel as though there's no contrast between the writing and the paper and he told me that he has taken many of these kinds of lenses out than he puts in--he knew from my description which lenses they were. He asked me if the doctor had told me that there were known problems with them, and of course she hadn't--highly recommended them, in fact. I assumed I'd be wearing reading glasses (or distance glasses, if I chose) going into the surgery but after her recommendation and sales pitch I thought it might be worth it to pay the extra out of my own pocket so I wouldn't have to be bothered with glasses at all.

    I'm getting by, now, but eventually I'll have to have the lenses removed and replaced--I haven't looked into whether Medicare pays for it or not, yet.

    I get mad every time I think of how I was duped. I can't make the accusation, but it wouldn't surprise me if she received something under the table to promote them. In the end, I guess I should just blame it on my own stupidity.

  3. I use Cartridge World to refill my ink cartridges...... It comes out way cheaper, and they check the condition of your old one before they put ink in it. They do laser cartridges too for about $40. They would be able to check the drum as well because it is in the cartridge.......

  4. I know how you feel. I've had pain in my left shoulder apparently from my neck nearly 2 weeks now. I've been alternating heat and ice and have had 3 chiropractic treatments. I also can't take anything although I've been taking Tylenol and enduring a sick stomach. I do hope that it goes away before you start your trip. I've found A535 the best although it does smell.

  5. I really do need to get those Mountain Directories. I love your kitchen. It looks brand new!

  6. I think the kitchen looks crisp and clean. :)

  7. Checking in! Absolutely LOVE your kitchen. love it. sorry about your arm... I can carry stuff ok for a few feet but you had quite a load for one hand!

    My left shoulder is always giving me fits - I can't reach around my back... I just live with it. hate this getting old business. always something.

  8. I had to quit buying cat litter and dog food from Sams because the bucket and bag were too heavy. By the time I loaded it in my basket and then into my van I would suffer with my shoulder for a week. Long drives bother me too. Hope you don't have a problem on your trip.

  9. GET WELLL!!! Got a trip for us to do....