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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A short break

I visited my daughter and her family today, so I took a short break from scanning Ireland pictures. I watched her slideshow of pictures from the recent wedding of my niece in Orlando, plus many photos from the visits to Disney, Epcot, and all the related Disney parks in that area. I visited Epcot Center back in the 1980's, but it was different then, and didn't have all the disney figures spilling over from the Magic Kingdom. I enjoyed watching the pictures and the happiness on my granddaughters' faces.

Yesterday Steve put the new light fixture up, and I love it. It's so nice to have light in the kitchen at a flick of a switch, but the ceiling will have to be touched up with paint. Because of the the location of the fan's electrical connections on the side, it was set in a different spot than the light fixture that has the electrical connections in the center.

Now the dishwasher is working but I need to replace the lower rack soon. I considered replacing the disposal that doesn't work, but decided to just remove it completely. I bought the pipes and such to do a better job on the under-the-sink plumbing, and Steve will do that soon.

I wonder if someone can tell me what these flowers are. They grow wild and close up overnight, looking in the morning like kumquats, all folded tightly! I usually don't think to take the camera in the morning.

Jeannie had emptied my large suitcase so I brought it home with me today. I have some of my summer clothes ready to pack, and will get started soon. She still has a smaller suitcase, and I'll probably put clothes in it that I will need to access along the way. Last year I figured out it worked best to transfer the clothes I would need the following day over to a smaller backpack, and not have to deal with taking a suitcase into the motel. I always try to get a room at a motel with individual entrances right off each room. It is so much easier than having to make several trips through a parking lot, into a side door or the lobby, and down the hall to the room.

I'm having fun going through old pictures and I won't even have the opportunity to touch the surface of the thousands of photographs I have. Maybe I'll scan a few more this evening.

One last story, on myself. You might remember the problems I've had with keeping track of my reading glssses, and that one of my sons gave me a chain to hold them around my neck. Well this morning I couldn't find my glasses before I left for Jeannie's house, and I searched every room, some of them twice. I eventually found the glasses - hanging on the chain around my neck!


  1. Enjoying your Ireland photos and your home improvements. Those look like California Poppies to me.

  2. LOL... I've done that -- finding them on top of my head! and yes, I agree the look like California Poppies ...

  3. LOL... I've done that -- finding them on top of my head! and yes, I agree the look like California Poppies ...

  4. I always wear sunglasses when I drive. One day I stopped at a hardware store, so shoved the glasses on the top of my head. I got home, and no sunglasses. So I got another pair to wear, and went back and asked them if they had found mine. No. So I looked around the aisles I had been on, and shoved the second pair to the top of my head.....oops! There was the other pair. I'm glad they didn't notice them there when I asked if they had found them.
    Another vote for California Poppies.

  5. Too funny. Most of us have done something on that same order. Especially with reading glasses. I haven't gotten a chain yet but I keep threatening to.

  6. Usually mine are popped up on top of my head when they were too dark to see thru. Then I look to see where I put them down.... Safe travels...

  7. LOL on the glasses!

    Hey, you could call the mark around the light fixture a shadow... or a crescent moon rising?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Boy you struck a chord with the glasses story. Wish I'd been paid for all the time I've spent looking for mine. Clearly the answer is to be so blind you can't see anything without them and then you never take them off except to sleep. :-)