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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old dogs

Lady has had lots of interest and attention from little people this weekend. She is used to my grandsons, and they are very careful to be gentle with her, understanding that she is old and doesn’t like to be rough-handled. But some of the visitors are either very young or have active dogs in their own households, such as labs, and I’ve been hovering to make sure no one pokes too close to her eyes, messes with her paws, etc.

I notice that she looks away when they are trying to play with her, and doesn’t seem to engage at all. In fact, with most adults who are new to her she will want to check them out but really doesn’t want to engage. She loves my daughter-in-law, but with most other adults she just doesn’t seem to want to be bothered. I was wondering if anyone has had this experience with their dog(s) or if someone knows a lot about dog behavior and can comment on this. She is always gentle, never acts like she is going to react, nor does she ever growl. Because she has never lived around small children it makes me nervous and I want to protect the children as well as the dog. I don't remember her being like this when she was younger.

A note to Dizzy, I tried writing the above paragraphs in word, in an enlarged and bold font. When I pasted it into Word Press, the result was what I normally get from WP - smaller font & lighter print. So it's not going to solve my problem with blogging in WP, and I would guess that only paying the premium will allow me to change the look and size of print.

What a beautiful day today has been! Although it has never gotten above 61F, the sun is shining and it feels good being outside.


  1. Lady's behaviour around people sounds a lot like my own. I think it's just age.....

  2. I think it's age also. Our girls especially Scooter will sniff at a new person or dog and then completely ignore them. She wants to be in her own little world smelling whatever there is to smell. And we keep them away from little ones unless I have a tight grip on them. They are not used to kids and I don't think either one of them would bite,but I'm also not going to take the chance.

  3. Gypsy, both my older dachshunds got a little more standoffish as they got a lot older. They were always friendly but they would go and sit by themselves in the evening when they had always wanted to crowd in with us. I think they are just being careful because they knew they were a little more fragile than they had been. Probably not much different than most people that are much older.

    I find your blog print easy to read. It looks even larger if you use Google Reader to read blogs. I know that you have been upset with blogger lately. You may have already tried this but, if you click on the "F" for font and choose the Verdana and then click on the "tT" for text, the print is quite large. Hope this helps as we do enjoy reading your blog.


  4. I will agree it is just her age. Her faculties [eyesight, hearing, sense of smell and reaction time] are not what they once were and she is just being cautious.

    I have a pretty active dachshund that if she is allowed to sniff and get to know new people she is fine, but if people rush at her or just walk up and bend down she will snap. She doesn't bite them, but she doesn't like to be approached suddenly and I get so tired when I am walking her that I have to tell parents to STOP their kids from running up to the "puppy". They just think because she is a small dog, wagging her tail [because she is on her walk/happy] that they can pet and handle her. Sometimes they take offense when I ask them to catch their kid, but they wouldn't be too happy if she started to growl or snap at their kid, would they? I am like you - I am trying to protect the kid as much as my dog - some kids don't know how to treat a dog and will poke, prod and pull. When Scooby was with us we had kids try to climb on him to ride him he was so big. It amazed us what strangers would allow their kids to do simply because that is what the kid wanted. Sigh. Some people. ;)

    I am sure Lady stays close by to you because she knows you will make sure she is safe. She is such a gentle, sweet girl I am sure she is just happy "to watch".

    Good luck with the font. I promise to buy a magnifying glass if it comes to that! heehee

  5. My Sadie Mae is a sit down do nuttin dog. She never plays with toys, kids or other dogs, but will chase a cat in a heartbeat. She just sits there with a dumb look on her face any time another dog comes round.

    About Word, Wordpress and Blogger. You might wanna take another look at the new posting format thingy. It's almost exactly the same as the older one for making your posts.

  6. What Al said above. ^^^

    My dogs are the same way, patient but not interested, and they're not even old.

    But show them a rabbit...

  7. Fred, my dachshund who is still young according to the adoption people has never met a stranger he didn't want to love. But I am still very careful around young children. You just never know.
    I think Lady is just trying not to get hurt.

  8. Yup, I never trust our dogs around the little grandkids. So if there is food around, the dogs are put behind the babygate. I would never want a snap or nip because of them! Also we never let the grandkids manhandle our dogs either. They are taught "gentle" from baby on.

    I thank people/chidlren in campgrounds who ASK if they can pet our dogs... and I mention that some dogs don't like to be petted, so it's always best to ask first.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Wish Emma would be a little more stand-offish. Maybe when she's 14 or so???