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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New glasses

I am wearing my new glasses and I think I'm really going to like them. It takes some getting used to as I am not accustomed to wearing glasses for anything but reading. I notice, however, that objects in the distance have a great deal more clarity with the glasses than without. It is also nice to be able to read, and then to walk into another room without having to constantly remove and replace the glasses.

I no longer needed glasses for anything other than close-up reading for about the past 4 years, and I know if I get used to these it won't be long before I am wearing them all the time. I hate the thought of it, but . . . I sure wish I had gone ahead and gotten the transition lenses that get darker in the sunlight. I don't suppose they can add a coating after the lenses have been cut.

I had asked Donald to print my emergency info since my printer says it is out of black ink, although the ink chart shows the black cartridge to be 3/4 full. I had to download a printer driver from the internet in order for it to even communicate why it wouldn't print. The printer will be the next item to go to Goodwill, while I keep searching for a decent printer that just prints. The printer I have seems to have more buttons and choices for faxing than anything else. A printer should at least be able to print. But what does a low-tech person like me know.

I am accomplishing a little at a time, although I don't see how I can be ready to leave before daylight on Monday. I tried to set up the tent just for practice and to make sure I have all the poles, but there is no place outside, on the driveway or otherwise, that has enough room. I am sure it will all come back to me, as it is a pretty easy tent to raise, except for the height of it which makes me have to stretch to secure the poles at the top. I'm hoping that I can spend a couple of days at Cumberland Gap National Park on my way back, so I'm taking the tent and a sleeping bag. I don't want to have to cook, but I think there are some small towns in the vicinity where I can have meals. Morning coffee 1st thing is what I would miss, but I'll have to see how the packing goes. If I can get one of my kids to pack, they have the organizational skills to neatly fit everything into the car. I can do ok with it, but I love to watch them do it - they are so superior and they know it! It's like a game to them: "What, Mom, is that ALL you have to pack???"


  1. Just take it easy, things I'll fall in place for your trip. You don't want to be all played out to start a trip. You are retired you know, so why keep a schedule?

  2. I really need to look into getting new glasses (pun intended). I've worn contacts for years but they just aren't cutting it any more.
    Glad you like yours. Should make your trip easier.

  3. Like Sherry I too need new glasses. Maybe this summer. Went the contact lens route a few years ago but just too much irritation. Probably just going to take a little time for you to adjust to your new specs. I bought sun glasses at Walmart that are designed to fit over regular glasses. I don't care if I look like a Martian...they are practical & they work.

  4. Marti,

    Yes they should be able to add the transition option on, but don't wait too long as there may be a time limit. Just call your optometrist to see if they can do that for you.

  5. They make little coffee makers you can plug into your lighter, must have one to just heat water in if you can stand instant.

  6. I had those transition lens once, never again. I use the ones to wear over my glasses. (Worn glasses since 14). Put em on, never took em off, cept to sleep. Liked to be able to see more than i cared about my looks. A boy in class just made my day when he told everybody the only reason i wore them was to MAKE me look better. hahahaha,,,he was trying to be derogatory, but came out wrong.