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Monday, April 30, 2012

One more dumb thing!

I did it again - I fell this morning. My oldest grandson (5 yrs old) was late getting up so I went upstairs to coax him to get out of bed and ready for school. I was teasing him and asked if he wanted me to carry him downstairs (about 65#). He shook his head yes, and I was surprised I could even lift him up, but I did. Made it down to the last step, and I don't know if one foot slid off the step or if my ankle twisted, but I fell, holding Josh. He was ok, and I figured I'd be ok (I am), but it is so embarrassing to do that. Old people fall, and I'm not old yet!

This is the 3rd time I've fallen after making a dumb decision - 1) lifting a full propane tank up and into a mounted truck camper; standing on the open tailgate of my truck and taking a step backwards; and now this. I hit my head on the hardwood floor this time, which was not as hard and the desert floor, or the pavement at the recycling center. It doesn't hurt so I guess I'm just fine and just bruised my ego.

Thanks to all who responded to my dilemma with an old dog. It think you all are correct - she is just getting old (although she hasn't fallen yet) and is not as interested in people as she once was. She is good with all my family, which I appreciate, including my brother and his family in Milwaukee. I should be glad she isn't demanding and is so easy-going. A few days ago she rared into life and barked loudly and lustily, something I haven't heard from her in a while. Something had gone through the yard, and she doesn't bark at the deer so it must have been another dog or a fox. It's good to know she can come alive like that when danger is near.

Thanks also for the comments on Blogger vs. Word Press. I haven't really used the new Blogger interface except for one day when it appeared and I didn't like it at all. I did notice that photos loaded easily and lightning fast, which is a real plus even though I don't post as many pictures every day. I think I just don't care for what I remember to be a blank screen, and I feel the same about Gmail. Of course the screen isn't entirely blank, but I like lines delineating the different areas on the page, and I like words for actions rather than icons. There is nothing more aggravating to me than to have to scroll over a bunch of icons that don't look like anything in order to read what they are. Leave the icon, but also leave the word or at least a hint. In the meantime I have another option if I want one, and I'm sure I could find more but it takes some looking.

I have a whole list of errands to run today, so I'd better get moving - after I finish the last delicious cup of coffee in the pot!


  1. Gypsy, you didn't fall! As you said, old people fall, and you're not old. What you did was stumble. Everyone stumbles now and then, so don't fret about it. Besides, if you can lift and carry a 65 pound grandson downstairs, one who is probably a wiggler anyway, you're in better shape than folks a lot younger than you!

  2. You need to watch those bottom steps. They'll pop up when you least expect them. There is no way I could have lifted 65 pounds. I can barely lift Scooter at 16 pounds. Glad you're not hurt - well except that ego thing.

  3. Older folks sometimes fall down & go boom. You just didn't go boom. I switched to the new Blogger interface quite a while ago so I'm fine with it now. But, it certainly wasn't the first or second times I tried it. Looked entirely different, things were not where they used to be & the whole thing was frustratingly confusing. Where were the 'words' telling a person what was where. Makes me mad when supposedley 'trendy icons' replace words, No logic in that. Anyway, took me few impatient tries with some hollering, hooting, stamping up & down & throwing of furniture but I finally caught on to the icons, what they are & what they mean. Everything is basically still as it was, only scrambled for no other purpose that to aggravate older people making them fall down & go boom.

  4. Every time I fall down I have to lay there awhile to decide how bad I hurt myself and if or when I should try to get up.

  5. I took a tumble on the top step while helping my little granddaughter last summer. Ridiculously embarrassing!

  6. I just hate all the things that seem to crop up these days that never did before. But I must say, I am VERY impressed with your picking up a 65# child. I used to throw 50-60# haybales up on the truck but not sure I could do that anymore.

  7. I can't believe you picked up 65# of boy! Girl?

    I couldn't do that when I was 20! much less now!

    Y'kill me! Glad you weren't hurt!

    1. But! How precious are those little arms around your neck ;)

  8. When I fall, I fall. It's always in a populated place and rarely is there anything visible that made me fall. It usually takes me 10 minutes to hit the ground (I do it in slow motion) in an awkward position, and as I'm getting up, people are either rushing to see if I'm okay while trying to stifle their laughter or turning away because they can't stifle their laughter. In any case, I'm the center of attention when I'd least like to be.

    I don't remember that happening a few years ago, but no, I'm not old--just more active?

    Only on two occasions did I think I did something really bad--and one was inside my little trailer. Aside from falling, I have found other ways to see stars--dropping the truck tailgate on my head is a prime example.

    Those are two examples when I hurt right away. Other times, it isn't until the next day or day after that I can't move.

    I'd tell you to be careful, but I don't think that has anything to do with most of my falls. How careful can you be on a clear sidewalk or floor?

    I *have* learned to hold on to bannisters when on stairs (you might want to do that), and I think your grandson will refuse your grandmotherly offer next time you want to carry him down. Stay well. :)