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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bluegrass Brunch, 2nd post 4/7

The brunch was good, the bluegrass was good, and Liam was a good boy. Well, until he started throwing the crayons, but other than that he was great!


  1. So funny! The look on his face, he's planning something!! But if throwing crayons was the worst he did, he was a very good boy! :)

  2. I love bluegrass, I have my satellite radia tuned permanently to the bluegrass station.

  3. The face of an Angel for sure.:)
    I love bluegrass also but haven't been to any concerts lately.

    Like the pictures of your kitchen.

    Be safe and enjoy the trip.

  4. Love that music too. Also, zydeco. Also,,ol R&R,,also,,ol country.. lololol.
    Yep, that child is up to something...so cute...

  5. Very nice looking folks you've got on your blog today.