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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

North Platte, NE

I was glad to finally end the travel day and relax. The traffic was fairly light except for around cities. I ran into 30-40 miles of dense fog in eastern Wyoming, and visibility in much of the way was about 3 stripes in the middle of the roadway. I can't estimate length in feet or yards very well, especially when driving. Fortunately there were few vehicles to be seen until I got close to and drove through Cheyenne.

I've noticed from when I passed Reno that trucks were driving no faster than 65. It finally dawned on me by Wyoming that they were slowing down to maximize fuel efficiency. I have been driving most of the way at 67, and hope my gas mileage is good overall. My last tankful got me 28 mpg, for which I'm grateful.

After 3 days on the road I've figured out why I'm not very enthused so far - I have traveled across country many times completely on interstates, but during the past 3 years or so I've driven on US and state routes where possible. The interstate scenery is so bland compared to the local roads, and I hope to return to the two-lane highways for much of my return trip.

Passing all the wonderful rock formations in the west I wish I had taken a geology course or two. I was going to do that when still in Asheville, but when I went on the road it became an impossibility. I would never take an online course because I know myself well enough to realize I need the interaction with teacher and other students to do well in and enjoy learning. Maybe someday.

The Motel6 in Wells, NV had free wifi that was fast and consistent. The motel at Rock Springs wanted $4 for wifi, so I used my mi-fi which could barely do the job. Tonight I'm using my mi-fi and it looks like it will do well. I will probably have good connections from now on - they are generally better in the east than in some mountain regions of the west.

This motel has indoor corridors which I dislike, but the desk clerk put me in a room near an outside door and I am parked close to the door. I made several trips to and from the car, but as soon as I get my shower I will start taking some things back so I don't have such a hassle in the morning.

Regarding the radio, I got Wyoming NPR all the way through the state, and Nebraska public radio in this state. With the exception of a political segment of about 15 minutes when I turned it off, I've had interesting commentary and music most of the travel day. I will look for some CD's when I get to NY, but for now I think I will stick with the radio from time to time. I couldn't stand constant music or talk for the entire trip, but once in a while it's nice to have something to listen to for a little while.


  1. Driving my rig, I never have any music or anything going. I feel I need to be 100% concentrating on the road. When I only drive the car for long distances, I bring plenty of CD's along so I can sing my lungs out and stay awake. The car is a whole lot less stressful driving than the rig.

  2. I use my iPod with ear buds so I can hear my own music, but can also hear what's going on outside and around me.

    I bought this http://tinyurl.com/7cvp3ko so I can charge my phone and iPod at the same time, if necessary.

  3. You've been sailing through those wide open spaces up there. Making good time even if it is bland and boring. I know what you mean about like the by ways instead of the interstate.

  4. Sounds like a pretty hitch free drive so far. That's good. :)

    I forget what you drive but 28 mpg is pretty sweet these days. We have an older model 4 cycl min van and even with a clean, well maintained engine we still only average about 18 highway. We're paying 4.15/gal here just for my husband to commute 30 miles round trip a day and have had to curtail multiple trips to the store or to visit our family [who is local] because the gas is killing us. And my husband is not a lead foot either.

    I have no idea if we will be able to afford to go on vacation at this rate - the gas will end up costing more than our campsite to go 800 miles round trip just to get to the beach. But to drive to even see cheaper gas defeats the purpose, it is just so expensive. [sorry about the itty bit rant, it is such a sad state of affairs.]

    I hope your trip continues peacefully and safe. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. It is fun to read. :)

  5. We generally avoid the Interstates as well unless we are in a hurry & moving strictly from point A to point B. I think we are all soooo fortunate here in North America to live where we do & have all this diversity of scenery at our fingertips & the ease, ways, & means to get around & see it all.

  6. My oh my, you are just cruising right along across the good ole USA!
    Karen and Steve
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