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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trouble with my hearing

I have suspected it was coming on, and is a result of stuffing earplugs into my ears every night. Last night was the final straw, and I knew it was. I refuse to complain to the management or to the folks upstairs, because it certainly isn't their fault their living room is over my bedroom. Also, I can tell they try to keep the TV low, but when everything else is quiet it is hard to ignore any kind of noise. I think I will try taking a Benadryl tonight and hope it helps me sleep, although I doubt it will.

I went to Rite Aid this morning to see if I could find some kind of eardrops that would help. I bought some and I don't know if they help or not. I tried them in one ear, and if it is better tomorrow then I will do the other one. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of finding out what is involved if I break my lease, possibly in October or November.

If I do that, then I will head to Yuma AZ where I will park my rig and walk across the border to a Mexican pharmacy. The heck with American doctors that want you to have every test known to man just to write a couple of prescriptions you've been taking for years. I have been looking online to see if I could just order the Rx that way, but the prices are much higher than what I pay here in the US. I wonder who is making the extra money on that - and I'll bet it isn't the Mexican pharmacist. One Rx I take costs me approx $40 for a 90 day supply, and it would be $58+ for a 30 day supply from the Mexican place. I have good insurance coverage here, but it's the doctors I have problems with.

I will gladly welcome any recommendations for purchasing prescription drugs from Mexico.

I only made the trip to Rite Aid for the ear drops and have stayed in the rest of the day. I think I'm still tired from the weekend. I will add Rite Aid to the list of places I will no longer do business with. They wanted me to apply for their bonus card so that I could get sales prices. Imagine that - have a sale but limit it to the folks who have the card. I haven't been inside a CVS store for years because of that. It turned out my item wasn't on sale, but since it was a Rite Aid product I could have gotten 10% off. No thanks, I won't ever be back. I should have left it on the counter and gone gone to K-Mart or Target.

The temperatures are going up to just short of the 100 degree mark for the next 5 days, which always sends my mood to the basement!

I got an email from the volunteer coordinator at Lassen, and she said that every single reservable site in the entire park is booked for the Labor Day weekend. I will just stay put until the following week when most folks will be storing their RV and camping equipment for the winter, kids back in school, etc. I am so ready for a trip!


  1. I'm sorry about the hearing situation. :( I know from when our son had an apt. and needed to leave early the penalty was one months rent. Every lease and apt. bldg. is different, but it may be spelled out in your lease agreement.

    Good luck with that. I know you'll find someplace to pitch your tent. Keep looking and let us all know.

  2. Not sure I understand the ear problem here Gypsy. Has the constant use of ear plugs somehow damaged your ears? That sure is a nasty bit of business you have going on with that noise source above you. I think your only hope is to get out of there pronto......

  3. I have some issues with my ears and I was told to use a drop or two of baby oil and that helps clean and moisturize the ear. Most of the time it works for me.

  4. I have been using ear plugs for over 20 years. My hearing is not the best but that is due to a broken eardrum I had when I was young. I asked my doctor if wearing ear plugs all the time would affect my hearing he he did not think so. I wish you good luck with your noise problem. It's bad when you cannot sleep well.

  5. Keep the truck, get a smaller trailer and let the wheels roll. My diesel truck is a major overkill for the Castle but it certainly handles the trailer without any strain.

  6. I know what you mean about discount cards; I never get them and I never give them my zip code or area code or other info they are dying to get from me. That is one good thing about Walmart & Target here is easy checkout services, many times self serve and I like it like that.

    I advise caution on Mexican drugs because here, close to the border, lots of folks lately have mentioned getting reduced potency from their Mexican drug purchases; outdated, expired too; be careful.

  7. I have bought meds. from Mexico with no problems. My friend orders them from Canada at a good price. If you want I will get the name of the Pharmacy for you. If you go to Yuma, I just might see you there! I plan to go to get Solar panels.

  8. Both times I got my eye drops in Mexico my pressure was better than when I buy my drops here. Go figure!! The only reason I didn't go back is because of all the unrest. We were advised when in New Mexico not to go over, but I wish I had. I will go back over as soon as possible and get all my meds and my antibiotics too.

  9. We're going to be in Yuma for most of the month of January. Are you going to be around then? Sure would like to meet up with you. We're going to be on BLM land which is near the border crossing into Agodones.