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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I should have blogged early in the afternoon yesterday, but took a nap instead. Then later on in the day I just didn't feel like writing, because for some unknown reason I felt sad. Don't ask me what I felt sad about because I just couldn't say.

I watched Arianna in the morning and for the first hour she was a very unhappy camper. Then things started to pick up and we had fun once she got back to her normal self. Earlier she wanted to go out on the porch, and you can see from the pictures that she was unhappy when she looked over to where their SUV is usually parked. It went from bad to worse for a while. (She looks so much like her mother at that age, it's kind of scary.)

Thanks for the comments regarding my 5th wheel which is on consignment at a local RV dealer. One of my readers wrote that I ought to post it just in case another reader might be wanting to get into the RVing lifestyle, and wouldn't be too far away to consider it.

I'm already thinking of things I'll have to give up if I must go back into the RV, and first is the dishwasher. I didn't realize I missed it that much, but after more than a year without one my dishes, utensils, etc., were beginning to look a little scruffy. Anything I wash by hand now is cleaned with Ivory Liquid, which I prefer a thousand times over Dawn. I will never go back to Dawn! The smell was awful enough, but I was never happy with the sudsing or cleaning power.

Although I have an apartment size fridge, I will certainly miss the extra room it gives me, especially in the freezer area. And the gaskets stay in place on this one!

The water pressure in my large shower is the greatest, and of course I will miss that, as I will miss a real toilet that flushes by merely pressing on a handle. And being able to use two ply toilet paper is really luxurious!

Most of all I will miss my comfortable bed. I never wake up with a backache after sleeping on it. I've offered it to Jeannie for their spare bedroom which has an old mattress that has seen better days, with a caveat that I can visit her from time to time and get reacquainted with the mattress and springs. Of course she agreed.

I've picked up a few extra items but shouldn't have difficulty getting all my original stuff back into the 5ver. Now if the 5ver sells and I get a truck camper or small trailer, it will be a different story! I was so looking forward to being able to travel the back roads and not have to worry about fitting into campsites or finding pull throughs, nor about having to turn around on a narrow road or fit under low bridges. I have never removed the 3x5 card printed with a big 12'8" in black marker from the sun visor of my truck, but I was looking forward to replacing it with an 8'something!

It's all speculation, but it keeps me going. And I'm again looking at NPS volunteer jobs with campsite and full hookups furnished.


  1. What a doll but she also sounds like a challenge. Keeps you on your toes.

    I'm still saying lots of prayers that your fiver will sell and you can get something smaller. Don't give up yet.

  2. You certainly have some beautiful grand children. She looks like a little "spitting' angel.

    I hope your fiver sells too, and soon. I know you want to go to New York.

  3. Arianna is a real cutie for sure!

    Hopefully, you'll get some good news on the 5'er in the next few weeks so you can put some plans into action.

  4. Your granddaughter is beautiful. Looks just like a little princess in those pics.

    Hope something happens with that 5th wheel of yours soon!

  5. It would be hard to stay sad with someone like Arianna around.

    Something will work out with the fiver soon!

  6. Gypsy, you've got a delightful little girl there! But such a sad face. Sell that 5'er, get back on the road, have fun!