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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 5th wheel

A reader has suggested that I post a link to my 5th wheel, which as you know is on consignment with a local Sacramento dealer. Here it is:
Just scroll down to the 5th wheels, and mine is the 2004 Hitchhiker II. There are 16 photos if I remember, plus a video, although sometimes my connection is too slow to properly run the video, but if you have a decent connection it shouldn't be a problem.

So if anyone out there is looking for a used 5th wheel, this one is on the lot at RVs of Sacramento, on El Camino Ave. - easy to get to location.

Later on I may post another entry for today, so please check back.


  1. I tend to use http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/a to find out what price to ask on an RV. I have bought and sold two through them.

  2. Way to go Gypsy! That should get the old ball rolling. Anyway the more exposure the better.

  3. Your listing does not show up on RV Trader online. I would want nation wide exposure of the add, Barney suggested PPLmotorhomes, but you dealer will balk at that because he wants commission and ppl will want the commission as well. Still you need one of the mainstream online companies to have it show up in their online adds.

  4. Great looking 5thWheel. I wish I was in the market for buying one. You must have been very comfortable in it. Hopefully you will be able to sell it soon so you can make your RV plans.

  5. Way to go Gypsy! I have been in her 5'vr, I really like it, lots of room, even when it was hot, with the doors open, it wasn't as hot as others. I would jump on it if I was able to. Timing's just not right. I'll have to wait. I hope with more exposure it will sell soon for you.

  6. Gypsy, it's beautiful. Hope it sells soon.

  7. Very nice 5er Gypsy. Best wishes for a quick sale before Labor Day.