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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lady is doing much better this morning. I am running in and out to the laundry and must not have secured the catch on the patio gate when leaving, and I leave my front door open in the morning to catch the coolness and air out the apartment. When I walked out of the laundry room I was shocked to see her there waiting for me. I'm glad she didn't decide to explore the complex! I'll make sure her paw is ok for the next day or two and then maybe we will go for our long walk. The weather forecast is calling it hot today, 96F, and only a few degrees lower during the rest of the week. I will be so glad to see autumn weather arrive.

I drove to K-Mart to look at printers as their ad featured two that I am interested in. They didn't have many printers, but everything they had was sealed up in its box - nothing on display. I guess the stores like K-Mart and Target have to take space from somewhere in order to become grocery stores, as they seem to be doing. I would definitely not shop at K-Mart, Target, or WalMart for my groceries, unless there was nothing else for miles around.

So I still need a printer, but I'll go to Staples or Office Max next time - to my knowledge they don't carry food, although Office Depot has always had certain food items on the shelves.

I now realize I live under the big top of Barnum and Bailey's circus, as that's what it's like around here sometimes. Last night as I was ready to go to bed around 9:30, I heard two very loud voices from the open window. One was the lady upstairs, and the other was the guy who lives across the way from me, and he was totally sloshed. He was crying out in amazement that he couldn't carry his can of beer between my F-350 and her Ford Expedition, and he spilled some beer when he ran into one of the mirrors. I'm not sure whose mirror he ran into but mine looks ok.

Then they began to discuss how big my truck is and how much room it takes up - how she has trouble parking her Expedition, etc. I wanted to shout "Then go park somewhere else", but I'm not getting into a p*ssing contest with anyone.

And just now I heard the two guys--"upstairs" and "across the way"--discussing drinks. I can't believe it when I heard upstairs recommending some kind of spirits and then the other fool agreeing to try it. He gets hammered enough with beer and I can only imagine what he will do on whiskey! Probably try to get into a fight with my truck. Was it an old Rolling Stones song that had the words "We Gotta Get Outta This Place, if it's the last thing we ever do". It's still sort of comical to me and I hope it stays that way. I also hope they don't push me over the edge.


  1. Glad Lady is doing better. Sounds like you aren't exactly living in "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood". What have you heard on your 5th wheel lately?

  2. I hope the lease is up soon so you can get out of there. We've had to deal with all kinds of neighbors being in the military. No one to complain to, but maybe you can get help from the owners. I sure hope Lady is ok and nothing major with her foot. If you were here, it may be those burrs that get into your feet.

  3. Hi Gypsy: The group that sang the song was the Animals. Great group from back in the day.

    Glad Lady is doing better. Hope your noisy, drunk neighbors are the ones that "get out of this place" and FAST.

  4. We got to get out of this place. was an Eric Burton & the Animals tune from the early 60's. remember it well,stayed up all night when i was 16 at a hotel trying to put the moves on somebodies also 16 daughter who about midnight gave me a quick smooch and headed off to her room alone I might add. Maybe it's was a good thing.. Be safe out there Sam & Donna...

    ie out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. One more reason I love wheels under my house.

  6. The joys of apartment living! Mixing alcohol with idiots always results in noisier idiots.

    Glad Lady's paw is getting better.

  7. Glad lady is feeling better.

    We have not lived in an apartment in about six years, when I did a stint in Miami for a year.

    We did not have your issues, but had a few professional basketball players down the hall and that was sometimes interesting watching the ladies come and go!

    Maybe they will drink themselves out of the lease :)

  8. I think RVrs have the best of both worlds. If you are unhappy where you are, just move. Unless you are an old lady like me! Seems hard for me to move. I think the best thing is to just keep the wheels turning.