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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's the only way I can describe the weather today, at least from my point of view. I just walked Lady in 102F, and it's going up to 106!. But then there will be a gradual decline in temps until Sunday, which is expected to reach 75! Fortunately my apartment is still cool enough. I'll take 75 degrees any day.

I ran a couple errands early this morning but the hint of a hellish day was already evident. My truck A/C works perfectly and cools very quickly, and I use a sunscreen in the front window when it's parked. That helps a great deal.

There is simply nothing else to write about, and I am sorry my blog today has turned out to be merely a weather report. Even the hummingbird seems to be resting in the shade. He was out this morning, hovering near the feeder and it seemed he was calling on me to take his picture!

I get an individual email every time someone leaves a comment on my blog. With most, if I try to reply I get the name of the person sending the email, followed by
noreply-comment@blogger.com> in the REPLY TO address block. So I don't know how I can respond - if I leave an answering comment in my blog it is doubtful you will go back and see it. I have made my email address available: gypsy97 at gmail.com, so if you make a comment that requires an answer from me, please write me an email so I can reply to you. I'm not ignoring anyone who asks me a question, but I just can't reach you by email unless I have your email address. Thanks.


  1. Sorry about all the hot weather you are having. Ours has cooled down again. 45* this am.

    Rick told me to click on the person's name that sends the comment and if their email is listed on their profile, you can reach them that way, but not all have their email listed, so I have the same problem as you.

  2. I have had that same problem all along & I know I have missed people by not being able to answer. It it's a blog or RV related question I try to remember to somehow include it my next night's blog. Sometimes I will use somebody's question as a blog topic. My memory is my worst enemy & many times I simply forget a person's question.

  3. Here's hoping that miserable weather will break for you down there in Sacramento...SOON.

    I, too, wish I had more e-mail information for folks. Not much we can do about it if they don't post one. :(

  4. I'm just hoping when you get that 75 degree weather that you won't freeze to death. Your body (and Lady's) isn't going to know how to handle it.

    I too feel bad when I can't respond back to responses because I can't find their e-mail address.

  5. I too get a lot of questions left as comments and then can't answer them because there is no email address to respond to. Sounds like a new campaign for some brave blogger to tackle and get him/herself into a lot of trouble!

  6. Yikes, Gypsy didn't know it got that hot there... We have hit alot of that kind of heat this summer.

  7. Extremely hot temps and dog walking are new to us. I am wondering if I could get the pooch to do her thing on a long line, while I watch from the air condition coach? Probably not :(

    Hope it cools off soon.